October 2017

It appears the police is now involved in the investigation surrounding the death of one the Davido's crew member, Tagbo. Davido reportedly visits police station to detail what happened on the day of Tagbo’s death. This is coming after Caroline Danjuma confirmed that she was in a relationship with the deceased.

More shocking details have surfaced over the recent death of the deceased who is said to be a friend of popular musician, Davido. Actress Caroline Danjuma in a recent interview confirmed that she was in a relationship with Tagbo and that Davido could have been more forthcoming with details on the night of Tagbo’s passing.

This is coming after Davido denied any wrong doing insisting that lies are being told against him because he treats everyone like a brother. Also, an eyewitness told Pulse that the night of Tagbo’s death, Davido had organised a drinking game where he promised the winner N200,000 and a brand new iPhone 8.

According to the source, it was while he was performing on this game that Tagbo passed out. “After he passed out, I think...I don't know what happened...the CCTV showed that Davido was asking him to come into his car but I think they he (Tagbo) didn't want to enter into Davido's car, then they forced him into his own car...then there was this blackout. Now they don't want to tell us how he got to the hospital. That is the question. How did he get to the hospital? Because the police met his car and his body in the hospital with no one. "

The source continued: “They said his body was found outside the hospital, about three men putting on face cap, they dropped him outside the hospital and drove off. Why didn't Davido call the police or anybody to report? We won't know about anything if not for social media. Now all of them are running for their names. I understand streets, nobody wants to be in wahala, but Davido is a celebrity, what was he running for, nobody will accuse you of anything. Just let us know what happened when the autopsy will tell us whats up! I don't know why everybody is just avoiding him like they are not his friends.”

Perhaps as a result of his involvement in the case, Davido alongside his manager and other members of his team allegedly visited the office of the Commissioner of Police on Thursday, October 5, 2017 to explain his part in the whole saga.

The bright afternoon in Ibadan when it all looks good and glamour, the brown roofs staring at the sky, the sounds of hooting cars filled the air, the people are doing their businesses to make ends meet like the worm spinning silk.....
Some where in Popo Ye Mo ja there is the usual drums and merriment that surrounds a palace, on this special day the imperial ruler of the military garrison is installing new warlords in Mogajis and Baales, everything was rosy and merry:Until bullets started raining...........

The present regime in Oyo State under the leadership of Gov. Abiola Ajimobi has made numerous giant strides in the state, and no matter what reservations you have for his administration, those who are conversant with the security status of Oyo State in the Pre-Ajimobi era would agree with me that in the area of Security the state has scored a distinction. This stance was achieved through many intelligent initiative  of the government like the creation of the security task force Operation Burst, Funding and supports for vigilante groups, e.t.c....

There is a saying in the divine language "YORUBA" which is best translated literarily as " Only a thief supported by the lords of the land can raid the king's backyard".
What is your perception of the sporadic shooting at the Olubadan's palace on 25/9/2017 by unknown gunmen while he was installing new Mogajis and Baales.

In a state that has enjoyed so much peace in the last 6 years of this administration, why is this blasphemy happening at this time that the Olubadan and the Governor are at logger heads over the elevation and subsequent installation of some of Chiefs and Baales as Kings.
Who dares attack a palace in broad daylight, if not the thieves backed by the lords of the land. 
Who would believe the puppeteer is innocent about the puppet's dance?
In my article 32 Beaded Kings, 32 Questions..... I punctuated by bringing to notice the seed of discord that has been planted in Ibadan and the fruits of hostility it would bear if it finally germinate.
It appears it has germinated and we are seeing the results.
The Olubadan and some other people did something applaudable when they approached the court, but to see an action of this magnitude: Shooting sporadically at the palace with the intent to disrupt a function at the scared abode of our king who is next to the Gods in authority..... A taboo!!! But am not too surprised though, we've seen power mongers fight each other at the Eid Praying ground on Eid Kabir day (the most sacred festival of the Islamic faith) day before in this state.

The British disrupted our traditional institutions putting the king's authority under the government.... And we have seen what Governors do with such powers. It's only for historical reference that I mention the British, "the banana was hard ripe before it becomes rotten" we have created more rot in the system than what the colonial masters brought in.

I urge the police to wake up to the governor's call and fish out the culprits, and make them face the music of the law, also revealing those lords who backed them in executing the dastardly act.
Ibadan is a land of warriors, where warlords get high at any chance to display their might. I hope the warlords loyal to the garrison commander would not be planning to execute a reprisal attack to show their might and loyalty to the commander.

For the sustenance of the existing peace in the land, I hope all parties involved in the present elevation and installation tussle of the Olubadan chieftaincy title would patiently wait for the outcome of the litigation.

To Gov. Abiola Ajimobi, I would let him know that the citizens are grateful for the ground standing peace we've enjoyed in the last six years, we hope to enjoy more and hope he would not be distracted by the current crisis and would continue to ensure security of lives and property.

Long Live Ibadan!!!
Long Live Olubadan!!!
Long Live Oyo State!!!

Arasi Senior Kolapo

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