In the animal kingdom python is a one of the giants in the reptile caste, bold, strong and intelligent. Hunters who dares to kill python are A class hunters, because putting the venom aside the swiftness with which the python strangulate it's prey is another thing to fear.
If we see a drummer that would beat the drum for a gathering of python holding a feast..... Who dares to watch their dance?

The Nigerian state in her beauty has got people of diverse ethnicity, language, culture and beliefs. Like many people I have argued that our marriage was forced in 1914 but the forced matrimony gave birth to glorified diversity but lacking a concretely reinforced unity.
The south Eastern part of Nigeria is one our pivotal unit even with our failing economy system, Our Abba brothers are as important to the Nigerian economy as oxygen is to human......
Ask yourself this sincere question, have you ever gone a day without a contact with a creation of Igbo people in Nigeria.

Nnmadi kanu came with a crusade to revive Biafra nation wrapped with a cessation foil. Self determination is lawful but it becomes unlawful when such group crusading self determination starts having their own security outfits, laying claims to the ownership of weapons of mass destruction, giving sit at home orders and disrupting free movement of citizens who are going about their lawful businesses.
Apart from the Nnmadi kanu having dual citizenship, there are so many unmanned border that could take him out of the country whenever the jig is down.

The United Nations global terrorist index ranked the Fulani herdsmen as the 3rd deadliest terror group after IS and Boko Haram, even though we know statistics like this are furnished with conspiracy, true or not true we all saw the mayhem the Fulani herdsmen unleashed on this nation.  Our Defence Headquarter didn't declare them (Fulani herdsmen) as terrorists, what am I saying we even witnessed how the accidental servant Gov. Nasir El-Rufai was paying them, no operation Tiger smile, Lion Hunt, or Bull raid in those regions affected by the Fulani herdsmen one of the many nepotism of this country.

It was not wrong to have pronounced IPOB a terrorist group owing to their recent activities, that was how Boko Haram metamorphosed from a parrot propagating an idea to a vampire bat sucking our bloods endlessly.
I hope our south eastern brothers would be guided by history and God forbid avert a repeat of the civil war, and those big wigs within the Ndigbo who are backing Nnmadi kanu should travel north east and ask the kanuri community how they feel now after initially supporting the anti western education campaign of the Boko Haram group.

Dialogue is a strong weapon and am sure the crop of bureaucrat in the present regime led by PMB knows this, OBJ advised it but for his actions in ODI and Biam it looks like OBJ is prophet preaching what he would never practice.
A holistic look into the current situation of the Nigerian state would show to us that a round table dialogue is needed not only with IPOB or south east but with every region of the nation as each part is with her peculiar agitation, even some people would argue not all this agitations are sincere, and that those championing the cause are not doing so in the interest of the masses but for a stable and viable econo-socio-political condition we need dialogue as soon as possible.

"When there is a courageous, alert and experienced drummer ready to beat the goat skin for the python at their feast, the sounds of the goat skin may produce fine tunes but where pythons dance blood flows"

Arasi Senior Kolapo

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