September 2017

Dj Gizzle (aka 'The Mix Killer') is back with yet another mix tape and he calls this the 'Funk House'. It's a blend of both local and foreign summer vibes that would definitely get you in your dancing shoes..Dj Gizzle who spins for Lil Kesh alongside Dj Lummy is currently working on his E.P and it's expected to drop sometime in October, while we wait on that, Download and enjoy this mix.

The Killer of American rapper, Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known by his stage names 2Pac and Makaveli have been revealed by two police officers who spent years investigating his death.

Two police officers, Tim Bennan and Robert Ladd who have on the matter years after his death, reveal that a Crips gang member identified as Orlando Anderson pulled the trigger from a car in Las Vegas in September 1996.

The case remains unsolved, and the singer’s death has been the subject of immense speculation, including the theory that he’s actually still alive.

However, the officers have stressed Anderson is to blame in explosive new doc**entary “Who Shot Biggie & Tupac?”

One of the officers, Ladd told journalists Soledad O’Brien and Ice-T that “They had all these other theories going on, but it was a really simple gang one-on-one to Tim and I.
“We believe Orlando Anderson was the one who did it.”

The officers worked for Compton Police Department in California and had Anderson on their radar after he tried to shoot someone as part of a Crips gang initiation at the age of 15.

They were actually investigating him for a murder when the shooting of Tupac occurred.

Brennan and Ladd were called in to help Las Vegas Police Department investigate the death.

It is believed Anderson killed Tupac after he was publicly beaten by members of his crew.

In the immediate aftermath, informants told the cops that Anderson was boasting to people about killing Tupac.

On May 30 1998, Anderson was killed in a triple murder over drug money.

Source: dailypost

A man was on Sunday arrested inside the kitchen of the Rev. Fr. Francis Effiong, the Parish Priest of St. Paul’s Catholic Church, located at the University of Calabar (Unical), Cross River State.

The suspect was arrested after stealing meat from the refrigerator of the priest, who had the left his house by 9 a.m for a mass. The suspect, who claims to be a prison warden, was apprehended just as he was leaving the kitchen with bags of meat in both hands.

According to a source: “Before today’s incident, many other items such as washing machines, television sets, cookers, and so on have been missing from the house. He lives in the boys’ quarters just directly behind the priest’s kitchen”, he said.

Hon. Charles Idahosa was Special Adviser to former Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State. The political Bulldozer, as he is fondly called, clocked 64 last Thursday. To mark the occasion, he spoke with Vanguard on some issues of national importance.

On IPOB, he said: "The truth of the matter is that Nigeria is like a theatre of the absurd. I said a few months ago that corruption will fight back. All the agitations here and there, they are being stage managed to distract the APC FG, led by Pres. Buhari, from getting to where it wants Nigeria to be. 

All those campaigning for secession in the name of IPOB, where were they since? These are political gimmicks designed to derail the APC led government ahead of the 2019 presidential election."
On the calls for restructuring, he said: "What is restructuring? Politics is a game of numbers; politics means the sharing of the dividends of democracy. The constitution has taken care of restructuring because every state has a minister in the federal cabinet. 
Each local government must have a commissioner at the state level; so, there is proper representation at all levels. If you people need restructuring, because I heard people complain about how appointments are shared, how do you expect the APC to give equal Boards appointments to the South-East that voted 90% for the PDP (at the last presidential election)?

Do you expect the President to compensate those who did not vote for him? Is that one done anywhere in a democracy? The South-East did not vote for the APC; so, you don’t expect them to get what others who voted for the APC are getting. 

And the calls for restructuring of the nation are from the opposition PDP that lost the 2015 presidential election. What I think we should be talking about is devolution of power. Let the states have more power and we can have a weak centre. 

Let the centre be in charge of the economy, external affairs and defence. Electricity, water, transportation should be left to the states which should then explore the minerals available in their areas of jurisdiction and pay tax to the centre."

Operatives of Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a phone dealer who specialised in buying stolen mobile phones from armed robbers and 'one chance' gangs then sell them as London used phones to unsuspecting members of the public.

The suspect, Jamiu Adebayo, 30, was tracked and arrested with an iphone 7 belonging to one Kolade Johnson, a banker working in Lagos Island. Johnson, had on August 23 boarded a one chance commercial bus around 5:45 a:m of his way to work. The robbers, operating with the commercial bus dispossessed him of a laptop, 2 phones, one of which was traced to Adebayo while trying to sell it to a customer in Lagos Island.

Also found in the bag of the suspect were 6 additional iphones, 4 assorted phones and three MTN sim packs, which he stated he collected from some of the robbers. Adebayo, an erstwhile NURTW member in Ajah, stated that he went into sale of cloth after raising enough money. He added that it was here he ventured into fairly used phone sales.
The suspect noted that he regularly bought stolen phones from three people who he is aware are members of armed robbery and one chance gangs.

“Uche, Alubi and Pinheiro are three major guys I collect these phones from. I buy iphone 7 with icloud N45,000 and sell N55,000. Those without icloud, I buy N150,000 and sell N180,000.

I buy  iphone 6 N65,000. I buy Samsung phones N22,000 and sell N27,000. I sell other phones too. I work on the phones and disguise them as London used phones,” he explained. Uche, Pinheiro and Alubi have been on the run since the arrest of Adebayo last week Tuesday.

One Islamat Bolaji has been beaten to death by her estranged lover, Okiki Arisekola, a commercial bus driver, during a scuffle on September 16. The incident happened at No. 50 Wright Street Adekunle, Yaba, Lagos, where the victim lived with her grandmother, Gbemisola Agboola.

According to Sunonline, Islamat was nursing a little child she already had with her killer. She died during a quarrel over the custody of the little baby, named Kemi. 

Arisekola, said to be on the run, had reportedly been frequently visiting the baby and his mother, a development that aroused suspicion, due to the no love lost between the two lovers. 

“He has not been visiting my daughter, but recently he just started coming and my daughter grew suspicious of his visits. On the fateful day, when he came, they were together at first, then he left, on his return, they started quarreling.

But, this time, it led to a physical fight and Okiki beat my daughter into a coma. After some minutes that he had left, my daughter fell and became motionless. We rushed her to the hospital and it was there she died,” her grandma recalled.
"He demanded to take the girl away but she rushed to take the baby from him. They dragged the baby between them. She feared that he was going to use the child for rituals. 

It was a passerby that called my attention to Okiki merciless beating of my granddaughter, I almost had high blood pressure, I rushed out and called my granddaughter. 
As I was leading her back into the house, she fell and fainted. The first hospital we took her to didn’t have doctors on call, but before we could get to the health center, she died,” the grandmother added.

A baby has defiled all odds after she survived despite doctors thinking she won't and advising that her mother aborts her due to her condition. It was discovered the baby developed just half of her heart.
Mum Lisa Ambler, 32, said she on countless occasions was advised to abort her baby when doctors discovered that the then unborn Lacey-Janet has an issue with her heart. 

Lisa, who herself is battling with cysts on her ovaries a condition that makes it difficult to conceive, refused to abort. Lisa said immediately her baby was born she stopped breathing almost immediately and she had to be taken in for an emergency surgery. Lisa said: "It amazes me how she even made it through the pregnancy. When we were told about the problems with Lacey-Janet’s heart we were told to abort but for me it was all a big dream. 

They kept saying that she wasn’t going to live long but we were never going to abort her." Lisa, who lives in Hull with husband Michael, added: "She will need heart care for the rest of her life. But after seeing what she has already been through as a tiny baby, I am confident she is only going to get stronger."

The immediate past General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet Samuel Abiara, said this during and interview with Gbenga Adeniji of Punchng. When asked for his view on the graft war of the current administration which some believe is selective and lacks the expected bite, he said: “There is no way corruption will end in Nigeria before Jesus Christ comes. 

There is corruption everywhere. It is just that the way each country does theirs is different. But it seems the issue of graft in Nigeria is indescribable. It is disheartening the amount of money people steal in Nigeria. 
They stole so much and keep them in bizarre places. Why do they do this knowing that one cannot live forever? I have come to realise that looters are only rich compared to wealthy people.

The difference between the two is that those who steal public funds are only rich. They steal for their greed and self alone. But wealthy people work hard for their money. They work so hard to empower people by establishing firms where many work. They are conscious that they have to leave legacies long after their death. 

For example, Alhaji Aliko Dangote belongs to the group of the wealthy. He empowers many and establishes companies so many can earn a living. My advice to the greedy ones among us is that they should strive to do work that will speak well for them after death.”

A California kindergartner, Jackson Riley, was suspended for making “terroristic threats” against his school, officials said. Great Valley Academy officials said that the ordeal unfolded when Jackson was asked to take off his backpack, but the 5-year-old boy refused. 

The child then told his teacher that a bomb inside would explode if he had to remove the book bag, news station KTXL reported. In response to the Aug. 31 incident, the school asked the parents to pick the boy up from school and suspended him for one day.

His parents have slammed the school’s decision as “extreme” and said the incident will be on his permanent record, according to KTXL. The school sent the family a letter claiming that the child “intentionally engaged in harassment, threats or intimidation.” Another letter claimed the boy had “made terroristic threats towards school officials.”

The parents said they attribute their son’s comments to his “imagination.”
“He said he couldn’t take his backpack off because it would explode, meaning he doesn’t want anybody to get hurt,” his mother Michelle Riley told KTXL. “So I mean, granted, it’s all in the world of pretend-play, and we’re talking about an imaginary bomb.” The family has called for the incident to be removed from the child’s record.

“He’s 5. He has an imagination. We just want what’s right is right, and what’s right in this instance is for our child to not have a permanent mark on his record because of this,” father Ian Riley said. Great Valley Academy officials didn’t comment on Riley’s case, but released a statement saying they take “student safety and discipline very seriously.”

The national ethics of this country as written in chapter 2 section 23 of the 1999 constitution are Discipline, Integrity, Dignity of labour, Social, Justice, Religious tolerance, Self reliance and Patriotism.
For every Nigerian born in my generation the class where we learnt about Social, Religious tolerance and Patriotism is the football class. Football class?  Yes football class, it's not the football class where a teacher writes on the chalkboard to teach football but a class where we sit with keen interest to watch football on screens. We learned a lot in that football class.

The first of things we learned is the fairy tale of India vs Nigeria which ended 99-1 with Nigeria declared as the winner because India struck a deal with us (Nigeria) that if we could score just a goal before they reached 100 goals that we would be declared victorious.

Samuel Okparaji sacrificed his life to get us that goal, it was Okparaji to my generation who was the hero that saved us from humiliation. I remember one of my brothers telling me the hero in of the tale in their own generation was Segun Odegbami who sacrificed his left foot to get the goal which abruptly ended his football career...... It took us a long time to come to the reality that it was just a fairy tale. Anyways in the textbook of the Nigeria football history every footballer is a Hero....I would not mention names but you would agree that we've got countless heroes for they goals they scored, the misses when we most needed a goal, the mesmerizing dribbles we can't forget, the great tackles, the amazing saves, the flips and flops, the yellows cards and red cards, the trophies, the goal celebrations and many more. For the beautiful memories they gave us I say a big thank you to all our football heroes and heroines.

Patriotism and Tolerance.
The patriotism we display to the round leather game in the days of old is unrivaled and it beats me every time I see what our football has turned to, how it's managed and the reception it gets from the citizens.

The first I remember is the pronoun "WE". The pronoun WE is what is used by citizens to describe the Nigeria Super Eagles whenever they play against any other team showing the level of connection between the Super Eagles and the Nigerian populace. In my curiosity as a kid I remembered asking my dad once that "you said we are the ones wearing white and green but I can't see you, mummy or myself" he smiled and simply replied we are all on the pitch because it's our country but you can't see us, as I grew older I realized we are all on the pitch like my dad told me. How many people still use the pronoun WE to describe Super Eagles and see themselves on the pitch whenever we play. Last I remember people simply say THEY or Nigeria instead of WE.

The reception our football gets in those days was Mind-blowing  men, women, young, old, traders, artisans, civil servants, bus drivers, just mention it everybody is a fan of the super eagles. Our streets become deserted,shops are closed and transportation is halted. I even remember how people would urge Imams that Zhur prayer (2'O clock Muslim prayer) should be observed before 2pm because super eagles match would kick off by 2pm, the Imams would obliged because they knew only a few people would come to mosque by 2pm, even some imams want to watch the match.

Beer parlours,barbing saloons,record shops,living rooms, and every other place you can find either a black and white or coloured television set would be filled up with people anxiously sitting to watch their darling super eagles play. Religion, social status or ethnicity is always ignored as we speak a single language when football comes around. Everybody get a chance to watch, if this living room is filled up,you would watch at the record store across street or the beer parlour yonder.

How's is it in the part of country you live in,Is it still the same old story or things have changed?Even now that we have viewing centres everywhere, how many people would you see watching Nigeria play against Ghana or Cameroon compared to a EPL London Derby Arsenal vs Chelsea.

Even though it would be unfair to discuss electricity and football on the same piece but we can't take out the drama of electricity and football in those days. We watch most of our football matches with with electricity, even when streets have been on black out for days the the electricity authority NEPA would find a way to "give us light" as we say it just to watch a football match.

I remember how communities would wake up to the responsibility of repairing their damaged transformer when FIFA World Cup or CAF Nations Cup is around the corner. Did it ever happen in your area a black out during a football match, what was the reaction? The reaction in my place is always people popping into the streets and heading towards NEPA office with canes and stones but in the beautiful wisdom of the NEPA officials power is always restored before people gets to their office, in cases where the power is not restored it always maximum beating for them.

Football when our electricity started failing thought us how to power our TV set with car battery, how many people have generator in those days? and the car owners are never reluctant to give their battery or the big brothers would contribute money to hire a battery from the local battery charger, when more people started having generators we still contribute to buy fuel, and how much was the fuel in those days?
Any of the young boys on the street would be ready to run the errand of buying the fuel from the farthest or nearest filling station even it means he treks all to and fro. The reason been that, running that errand guarantees him a front sit on the floor compared to other boys who would struggle to get in and could be sent out if they misbehave. What do you call that? Simply Patriotism=Passion.

When was the last time you had electricity power while super eagles were playing? Or do you still see people rushing home to watch super eagles and boys contributing money to fuel a generator to watch Nigeria play? I can't forget how women joked with men that "we won't cook dinner for you if we loose" like it's those men that would play on the pitch...How disappointment is written all over town if we loose and how the euphoria of wins live with us for days while we look forward to the next match. We never heard of owned allowances or players refusing to honour a call up. We knew the names of our players, their jersey number and the position they play by heart.

Our football was beautiful in those days, not just because of skills and agility of our players, but also our unity and avidity as the twelfth player. We never knew it took a payment of television right to broadcast match on our national television stations or local television stations until our government stopped paying and we had to look up to foreign television stations to watch our national football matches. What happened to our football, what happened to our passion, what happened to our patriotism, what happened to Nigeria. I hope our football and the citizens would find the long lost friendship. Football needs us, we need football, to foster the unity we project in our ethnic, social and religious diversity.

The virus that infested our national football has found its way into the club football in Nigeria and nothing seems to be working. In her presentation as a sport, football holds the keys to the doors of many opportunities in economy, socio-cultural integration, job creation and national integrity. I hope this piece would serve as a clarion call to the Government, NFF and other stake holders in the Nigeria football sphere to save our football from dying by awakening all the pillars that uphold our football when it was the envy of all in Africa and the World at large, so the labours of our football heroes past would not be in vain.

Arasi Senior Kolapo

According to TMZ, 20-year-old Kylie began telling friends earlier this month at the Day N Night Fest in Anaheim, CA. Sources also say 25-year-old Travis Scott, Kylie's boyfriend, has also been telling his friends. 
A TMZ source says Travis was at a recent event telling people about the pregnancy and how his life was going to change.

If they are punking their friends with repeated pregnancy proclamations, it's super weird ... especially in light of the photo (above) which Kylie herself just posted on Snapchat.

It's also interesting ... Kylie's been posting old pics of herself on Instagram and current shots from the chest up. Kylie and Travis have been together since April.

One Elizabeth Agboje, who allegedly tortured her adopted daughter, was among some suspects paraded on Wednesday at the Rivers State Police Command in Port Harcourt.

Agboje’s victim, a nine-year-old Miss Bright Maxson, was first tagged a witch before she was reportedly tortured by her foster mother. The lawyer, who has two biological children, was said to have continually subjected the girl to degrading treatment without minding the implication.

State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ahmed Zaki, told journalists that Mrs. Agboje was apprehended by the Human Rights Department of the Command for allegedly torturing Bright Maxson.

“The Human Rights Officer of the Command, DSP Emmanuel Ukwenya, arrested one Barrister Elizabeth Agboje, who it was alleged, had been consistently torturing and assaulting little Miss Bright Maxson, accusing her of being a witch and a thief.

She is also alleged to have subjected her to all manners of degrading treatments for over seven years. The lawyer is a suspect who has made useful statement to the police and as soon as investigation is concluded, she will be charged to court for proper prosecution,” Zaki added


In the animal kingdom python is a one of the giants in the reptile caste, bold, strong and intelligent. Hunters who dares to kill python are A class hunters, because putting the venom aside the swiftness with which the python strangulate it's prey is another thing to fear.
If we see a drummer that would beat the drum for a gathering of python holding a feast..... Who dares to watch their dance?

The Nigerian state in her beauty has got people of diverse ethnicity, language, culture and beliefs. Like many people I have argued that our marriage was forced in 1914 but the forced matrimony gave birth to glorified diversity but lacking a concretely reinforced unity.
The south Eastern part of Nigeria is one our pivotal unit even with our failing economy system, Our Abba brothers are as important to the Nigerian economy as oxygen is to human......
Ask yourself this sincere question, have you ever gone a day without a contact with a creation of Igbo people in Nigeria.

Nnmadi kanu came with a crusade to revive Biafra nation wrapped with a cessation foil. Self determination is lawful but it becomes unlawful when such group crusading self determination starts having their own security outfits, laying claims to the ownership of weapons of mass destruction, giving sit at home orders and disrupting free movement of citizens who are going about their lawful businesses.
Apart from the Nnmadi kanu having dual citizenship, there are so many unmanned border that could take him out of the country whenever the jig is down.

The United Nations global terrorist index ranked the Fulani herdsmen as the 3rd deadliest terror group after IS and Boko Haram, even though we know statistics like this are furnished with conspiracy, true or not true we all saw the mayhem the Fulani herdsmen unleashed on this nation.  Our Defence Headquarter didn't declare them (Fulani herdsmen) as terrorists, what am I saying we even witnessed how the accidental servant Gov. Nasir El-Rufai was paying them, no operation Tiger smile, Lion Hunt, or Bull raid in those regions affected by the Fulani herdsmen one of the many nepotism of this country.

It was not wrong to have pronounced IPOB a terrorist group owing to their recent activities, that was how Boko Haram metamorphosed from a parrot propagating an idea to a vampire bat sucking our bloods endlessly.
I hope our south eastern brothers would be guided by history and God forbid avert a repeat of the civil war, and those big wigs within the Ndigbo who are backing Nnmadi kanu should travel north east and ask the kanuri community how they feel now after initially supporting the anti western education campaign of the Boko Haram group.

Dialogue is a strong weapon and am sure the crop of bureaucrat in the present regime led by PMB knows this, OBJ advised it but for his actions in ODI and Biam it looks like OBJ is prophet preaching what he would never practice.
A holistic look into the current situation of the Nigerian state would show to us that a round table dialogue is needed not only with IPOB or south east but with every region of the nation as each part is with her peculiar agitation, even some people would argue not all this agitations are sincere, and that those championing the cause are not doing so in the interest of the masses but for a stable and viable econo-socio-political condition we need dialogue as soon as possible.

"When there is a courageous, alert and experienced drummer ready to beat the goat skin for the python at their feast, the sounds of the goat skin may produce fine tunes but where pythons dance blood flows"

Arasi Senior Kolapo

The operatives of Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested five suspects for stealing 28 iron ballasts meant for rail lines in some parts of Lagos metropolis.

The five suspects, who said they are scrap metal dealers, were intercepted inside a Vanagon bus by the operatives at 1:15 a.m on Friday in Agege. The suspects include: Hameed Atairu (25), Akeem Muritala (23), Lawal Muritala (25), Tunde Olaunji (27) and the driver of the bus, Sarafa Ishola (38).

The suspects in their statements to the police stated that an official of the Nigerian Railway Corporation sold the iron to them. However, preliminary investigations by the police revealed that the iron ballast were stolen from where they were packed for use.

Further investigations revealed that the iron ballast were meant for the basement of rail lines. The suspects, three of whom are ex- convicts, explained that they raised N35,000 among themselves to pay for the iron ballast.


A batch of trains rolled off the production line of China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd., on Sept. 12, and will be shipped to the Port of Lagos in Nigeria a month later, news site reported

These 10 standard-gauge trains were ordered by Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) in May this year. They have adopted Chinese standards, and will be the fastest trains running in Africa, with a design speed of 160 km/h.

Operation speed could be as high as 150 km/h. Gbenga Ashafa, chairman of the Nigerian Senate Committee on Land Transport, believes that the Chinese trains will definitely improve the railway development of the country.  

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