Top 5 Strangest Places on Earth

Some of them are hunted forests, while others are abandoned villages, the major similarity that they have is their strangeness and mystery. The Earth is bigger than you think and it's also full of so many mysteries that you don't know about.
Here are the top 5 strangest places on Earth.

Top 5 Strangest Places on Earth

5. Oradour-Sur-Glane – France

This is a village that was frozen in time. This village is located in France and the inhabitants were wiped out in the year 1944. Both men, women and even children were massacred by Nazi Waffen-SS Company.
Weapons like machine guns were used and the inhabitants were also burnt alive. A survivor of the attack said that the people came to their village and deceived them that they should gather for an ID check. They suddenly started aiming for their legs making them unable to move before burning them alive.
The village remains the way it was 50 years ago to this very day.

4. Fly Geyser – Nevada

This is on the edge of fly rock desert, this place is actually man made. This is one of the coolest locations in the world and it was created about 100 years ago. Heated water began to spew through the cracks in the 1900s. The minerals would deposit, forming the mount and the various terraces. The thermophilic algae is what gives it its breathtaking red and greens streaks.

3. Panjin Red Beach – China

This strange place is located in the biggest wetland and reed marsh. This place is surrounded by a rare type of seaweed which is called Sueda. This place is one of the biggest tourist location in Asia. This place has over 400 wildlife species which includes many endangered animals.

2. Gardens of Bomarzo – Italy

This is referred to as the Park of Monsters. It was created in the 16th century in Viterbo which is located in Italy. This garden was designed to portray the shock and grief of people. The idea started when Price Pier Francesco Orisini, who was in a war and been held for a ransom for many years, returns home to find out that his wife had died. This place is filled with many weird sculptures.

1. The Bermuda Triangle

This place is also referred to as the Devil's Triangle. This place is one of the strangest and most mysterious places on earth. Many Airplanes and Ships have disappeared here without leaving any trace.
It is said that the mystery of this place started when Christopher Columbus spotted a meteor that crashed into the ocean one night and a strange light appeared sometime later. There are so many explanations to this place but Nobody has been able to answer the strange questions to this strange place.

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