Best Questions To Ask Your Crush To Get Instantly Closer To Their Hearts.

Getting closer to your crush can be really tasking as you do not know how to behave or what to say that will get you a step closer to their hearts. Most people get confused when they are having a conversation with their crush as they do not want to upset them in any way.
If you carefully take note of the following questions that we are gonna suggest to you, having a conversation with your crush will be much easier and you will get quicker results.
Here are some of the best questions that you should ask your ex during a conversation.

1. What’s Your Dream Job?

You need to loosen up a bit and make the environment more conducive for a free flow of a good conversation. You need to understand that most people having a very boring first time conversation with their crush and your case should definitely be different. Asking your crush about his/her dream job will definitely put a topic on the table that will create other topics to discuss about.

2.What's the best movie you've watched ? or What is the best song you can't get tired of listening to?

After setting the conversation in motion, you need to make it more interesting with another interesting question. You can ask him/her what his/her best movie is but if he/she is not a movie lover, then he/she is definitely a song lover. If your crush doesn't fall into any of these categories, then you definitely have a boring crush.

3. What are you looking for in a relationship?

You need to know what he or she is looking out for in a relationship, so you will know if you fall into his/her category or if you have to change a bit to make him/her like you.
Your crush may not tell you all you need to know at first but you don't have to be pushy, just allow them to tell you what they feel like telling you. Remember that you cannot know everything at once.

4. Do You Have Any Siblings?

Your crush will definitely be more interested in you when he /she discovers that you are not just all about s*x but that you even want something deeper and special. When you ask them about their siblings, they feel closer to you and their mindset towards you changes instantly.

5. How Long Have You Been Single?

It's very important that you ask him/her how long that he/she has been single. This will make you know how prepared he/she is for another relationship or if he/she is not ready yet.

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