5 Scary Photos Of Babies Doing Weird Things Captured by Hidden Cameras

Before Baby Monitors were introduced, parents could go to sleep without watching their babies in their rooms while they are not with them. The invention of baby monitors has revealed that there are so many weird things that happen while the parents are not there and some of these photos are very scary. We bring you scary photos that were captured by baby monitors.

0.5 Something strange is lifting the baby

We know that kids love to play and fool around but what about when you found your kid elevated upside down and you can't see the person or whatever is elevating your child?
This is definitely a very scary sight right?

04. A ghost in the room

This mother was very scared when she found a mysterious kid with his/her eyes shining like a torch lite. There is no way that the other kid in the room is human and we wonder if the other kid is an alien. This is one of the photos that really scared me so much.

03. How can a little girl do that?

A mother complained that her child was always restless and cries all through the night. She did not know what else to do, so she decided to install a camera in  his room. She found out that he would crawl all over the room and even walk on his crib which is very strange and scary. Could the child be demon possessed?

02. Is this a child or a demon?

Children are expected to sleep at night but it is not abnormal to find your kid playing in his room at night. The scary part is when you find your kid in a scary position with his limbs twisted in an awkward way and then he stares straight into the camera like he knows that you are looking at him. Another scary part is that his eyes are dark with a shiny white light at the middle. his is just weird and strange.

01. Little girl with a scary long tongue

This is definitely very scary, it looks like a scene from a horror movie. A mother decided to check on her cute little daughter at night only to find her staring at the camera with a very long tongue and scary looking eyes. Which of the photos scared you most on the list?

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