5 of The Most Heavily Guarded Homes in the World

For everything, there is a price to pay and the price to pay for fame is your security. Privacy is a luxury to famous people, this is the reason why most famous people take all the necessary measures to protect their homes. Most of these rich and famous people have guarded their homes to the extent that if anybody enters without their consent, the person may get stranded and might not be found and this might lead to death in the worse case scenarios.

5 Most Heavily Guarded Homes in the World

#5- The Corby Family Residence

This is a family residence that is located in California. The Corby family are known for their excessive and expensive security which they use. The millionaire family make use of a biometric recognition software and earthquake prevention techniques. It is no longer rare to see Earthquake proof houses all over the United States.
This family has an underground bunker that has enough food and drinks that can sustain them for 6 months. Just in case there is an intruder in the house, they do not need to make use of their phones to call the cops as there are buttons in strategic locations of the house that will alert the cops once clicked.
The house has CCTV cameras all over and also has a release of fog to scare burglars away from their property.

#4- Ryongsong Residence

You might wonder why anyone would need a security system in a country like North Korea. North Korea is a country that installs  fear in people. This country is so scary that one might face a firing squad for wearing blue jeans but that is a discussion for another day.
This residence is located in the Northern region of North Korea in the Royal Family Residence. This home is surrounded by electric fence, a mine field and armed guards. The walls of this home are protected with iron rods and also protected against any nuclear blast.
Just in case there is any disaster, the house has been connected to numerous residence for easy escape. If an intruder gets into the residence, chemical substances are released into the air at the trigger if the security alarm.

#3- Buckingham Palace

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of London and you would not expect that such  a place that everybody is welcome is one of the most secure locations in the world.
After the visiting hours, the roads that link into the palace are closed of and those places become filled with security agents.
If you have ever visited this place, you might have experienced their famous changing of guards. There is a method they use in the changing of guards that ensures that no guard closes his eyelid for even a second during his shift.
The system works like guard A ringing guard B, guard B ringing guard C who then rings guard D and the ringing goes on the whole night covering the entire property.

#2- The White House

Barack Obama was the most heavily guarded president in the world during his time. The White House has many security features that you do not know about. The iron fence around the white house might look ordinary but it is strong enough to withstand the impact of any car created by man.
It also has special agents on grounds at all times and there is an impressive food scanning process. The White Hpuse has  bulletproof windows, radars and infrared sensors that can detect any local or unwanted movement miles outside the premises. It also has a controlled airspace.

#1- Kronstadt Fort Alexander I

We all know that Russians are not the type of people that can be predicted. Their reason for building this fort was to keep unwanted people away. There is no way you can get close to this property and there are 40 forts in the vicinity.
People have tried to take over the fort but they gave up because the fort was just too secured for them to take over.The military installments have 12 meters long piles which dig deep into the ocean and reinforce the top of the property. The forte is abandoned now but it is still as secured as usual.

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