5 Of The Most Dangerous Rivers In The World That Have Claimed Most Lives.

Water is very important for our survival. Water is also one of the most beautiful sight that you will ever see. Apart from the beauty of water, there are other things about water that are not so beautiful.
There are some rivers that are notoriously known for killing people by drowning while others are the home to dangerous animals that will kill you at first sight.
We now bring you 5 of the most dangerous rivers in the world.

5- Mekong River

This river is located in Asia and flows through China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and Thailand.  Despite the fact that it flows through so many countries, it's no way close to the top 10 longest rivers in the world. It is very impossible to navigate this river because it has a very unfriendly current and an enraging temper.
This river was responsible for the deaths of 90 people after it's flooding in the year 2000. This river seems to like flooding as it also flooded in 2008 and caused the loss of properties worth $66million.  This river is the home to the rare endangered Siamese crocodile. That these crocodiles are endangered does'nt mean that they are friendly.

4- Niger river

This river is located in  Western Africa. This river is not friendly even though it looks so beautiful in photos. This river is known to have taken the lives of over 5000 people and 30,000 animals back in the year 2010. The banks of this river bursts frequently and it destroys buildings and crops. This river is known to have caused hunger to many Africans as it destroyed their vegetation and livestock.

3- Kern River

It is no longer news to find bodies in the Kern river or reports of missing bodies around the river. This river is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains attracts rock climbers and adventures and consequently, it has has also claimed many of innocent lives. This river has a death toll of about 271 people. The river claimed the lives of two boys in 2014 and it also claimed more lives in 2017.

2- Yellow River

This river is located in China and is also one of the most colorful rivers in the world. This is one of the rivers that you should stay away from if you love your life. The source of its water are the Bayan Har Mountains. It has a reputation of being the most dangerous and destructive river in the world and is often referred to as the “River of Sorrow”.
This river is so dangerous that even when a person falls into the river, the persons body might never be found. This river has claimed the lives of millions of people and has caused over 1500 floods.

1- Amazon River

This river is located in South America and is also connected to the Atlantic Ocean. Some authors have claimed that this river is the longest river in the world.The river hosts a diverse range of aquatic life and due to its undisturbed food chain, the fish in it can grow into abnormal sizes but that’s not what you should be afraid of.  Your major fear should be the huge Anaconda snakes that are living in this river.

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