It is really cool when you see your favorite celebs on Tv and the way they look like super-beings on camera. Sometimes we feel that they are almost not human. However, these people are just like your and have been through thick and thin before the fame. In this article, I'm gonna be showing you some of your favorite actresses who used to be so poor before the money and the fame. So, grab a cup of coffee as you go through this exclusive list.


In her case, her troubles were double. Demi used to live in trailer park as kid and to make matters worse, her parents were alcohol addicts and this always resulted in domestic abuse. She could not take it anymore and she ran away from home at the tender age of 16, We are glad she ran away to become famous.


Before becoming the bond girl that we all know today, Olga had a special bond with poverty.During this period her divorced single mother struggled to bring her up, and often they could not even afford to eat. Olga used to wear dresses made by her mother, who even cut her own coat to sew a warmer coat for her daughter. Olga was only 14 when her mum saved some money for a trip to Moscow but never knew that this would change the life of her daughter forever. In Moscow, Olga met a modelling scout and her journey to become the girl we know today just began.


While other kids who never became famous had the luxury of being born in a proper hospital, this gossip girl cannot say the same as she was born in prison. She spent the first three months in a halfway house before her grandmother later took custody of her. Life was easy living with the old woman as food was always a problem.


She was not born in the best circumstances as she is a product of r*pe. Her mother who is black was r*ped by her white boss's son. Her mother later fell in love with a black man who did not accept her because she was not fully black. The subjected her to living in the streets,where she discovered her true talent in singing and went on to because very famous.


Oprah is a strong woman as she has suffered the worst you could ever imagine but came out strong to become one of the richest ladies in the world today. She was born to maid who could not afford anything for her. She used to wear potatoe sack as clothes and she suffered molestation from her own family member at the tender age of 9. She also suffered mockery while she was still struggling to become famous.

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