Irregular m*nstrual cycle is the most common issue faced by ladies today. Most ladies are clueless of what to do about it and they try some things that may be harmful to them instead of using these natural methods that works. Yes, there are natural ways of balancing you irregular m*nstrual cycle.
Irregular m*nstrual cycle is basically happens when the hormones of a lady is not balanced. This is nothing to be scared of as it is not something that's dangerous.
Here are natural ways to restore your m*nstrual cycle back to its regular state.

05, Watch you weight

When you are overweight, you stand the risk of being easily infected by diseases. Overweight has been observed to be one of the major reasons behind irregular periods. watch what you eat, don't eat at late nights and do some exercise and you'll be just fine.

04. Grape Juice

This tastes really nice and works really nice too. Grape Juice plays a vital role in regulating and maintaining a steady period. Grapes contain copper, Vitamin C, vitamin A, pectin, pantothenic acid, fiber, and potassium. Just make sure you drink a glass of grape juice daily and it will regulate your period back to its normal state.

03.Apply Hot Compress

This is carried out by the use of a heating pad.. A heating pad or a hot water bottle is another excellent option. A very relaxing method is to lying in a hot bath tub for around 40 minutes daily for 20 days. This will help in massaging your whole body and this is very helpful in regulating you m*nstrual cycle.

02. Try Yoga

Doing exercise is very important to keeping you m*nstrual cycle in a regular occurrence. Yoga will be very helpful in this case. You just have to be brave and not lazy, and do yoga constantly. This will help your m*nstrual cycle stay regular.

01.Unripe Papaya

Everybody knows that papaya is a very rich and healthy fruit. Papaya contains  Vitamin A, potassium, vitamin B-1, vitamin B-6, and riboflavin. These nutrients are very important in averting so many illness and controlling others. Papaya is also very important in regulating a good m*nstrual cycle. Raw papayas contain a lot of heat that provide support in stimulating the production of estrogen in the body, which results in regulating periods.

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