Top 10 Fastest Animals In The World

Human's are not so fast, we cannot even compare our speed to most vehicles. The truth is that humans are slow but this is not the same case in the animal kingdom.
The animal kingdom has many fast animals that are much more faster than most humans, if not all humans.You may have wondered from time to time just what great speed means in the animal world? Mostly, it aids the process of hunting for prey, but that does not always have to be the case. When God created these animals. He gave them different speeds for different reasons with some animals in the same class being faster than others. We bring you the 10 fastest animals and you will be shocked to know that an animal on our list goes between 70 to 75 miles per hour.

10. Onager.

This animal looks like a Donkey but a bit larger than donkeys.  They are 290 kilograms and 2.1 metres (head-body length), and are a little more horse-like. They are usually multi-coloured and they go as fast as 70km per hour.


Many of you expected that horses will be at the top 3 on the list but we are sorry to disappoint you. According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest speed for a race horse, 70.76 km/h, was achieved by the horse “Winning Brew” in a 2008 race in Grantville, Pennsylvania. There are many more animals that are faster than horses and you are about to find out now.

8. Kangaroo.

These animals have a weird method of moving but it works really well for them. Kangaroos hop around and their hopping speed for Red Kangaroo is about 71 km/h. I know that you never knew that a Kangaroo is faster than a Horse but yes, it is.

7. African Wild Dog.

This is not the type of domesticated dog that you know, so you dare not go close to it. The African Wild Dog is a carnivore that is only found in Africa. Another name for this dog is the painted dog. This dog goes as fast as 71km per hour.

6. Brown Hare.

Don't judge a book by it's cover. The Hare might be a small animal but it's speed is something that is so amazing. These animals are very fast and  can go as fast as 72 km/h. These animals are much more faster than a horse.Is'nt it quite amazing that an animal so little can go so fast.

5. Blackbuck.

Blackbucks are well known for their jumping. The Blackbucks have large horns and are very fast. The running speed is about 80 kilometer per hour.

4. Wildebeest.

These beasts are known for their migration to new pastures. Their lifestyle has been documented many times in different documentaries. These beasts can be found in the jungles of Tanzania and they are faster than some cars that you know. Their maximum speed is 80.5km/h.

3. Pronghorn.

This animal can run really fast as it was built for maximum predator escape through running and it holds the record of the fastest mammal on land in the new world. This animal goes as fast as 88.5 kilometers per hour.

2. Springbok.

This animal has a medium sized horn and is brown in colour. It is mostly found in South Western Africa. This animal can reach speeds of 100 km/h. Also, it can leap 4 m into the air and jump a horizontal distance of up to 15 m.

1. Cheetah.

This animal is still the king of all the fastest animals in the world. They run faster than most cars at an outstanding speed of 115 km/h. They are undoubtedly the fastest animals on land are their record seems like it will never be beaten by another animal.

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