8 Things Better Than Having A Perfect Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

Most people feel that they cannot do without a relationship but they are all wrong. As much as a relationship is very important, there are many ways that you can find happiness even without a relationship.
Life has many sides to it and a relationship is only one part of it, there are many other things that can complete your life even without the opposite s*x in your life. Let's take a look at 8 things that can give you a better feeling than having a spouse.

8.Health and well-being

As much as having love is good, you cannot enjoy it without a sound health. The most basic thing that anybody needs is good health, without good health you can't enjoy anything, including love. Some people are contented with being healthy and they don't even want to bother themselves with emotional issues because heartbreak has a bad effect on the heart.

07.Your dream job

Having your dream job can be very exciting. Apart from the fact that it is gonna put a good salary in your bank account, it's also exciting because of the love for the job. Some people actually do not even have time to think about anything else because they are so busy with their job. It's a fact that people will always run after someone when he or she is successful.

06.True friends

Having those amazing friends that are always there for you in any situation is one of the most amazing things anyone could wish for. Lovers come and go but true friends are always there and never leave you no matter how annoying you become.

05.Inspiring hobbies

Sometimes, doing what you love can make you forget about everything else. Everyone needs a hobby, if you don't have a hobby, you need to pick one as soon as possible.
Sometimes, relationships get boring but your hobby never gets boring. Is it singing? or dancing? pr  something else?. Your hobby is always your best friend when there's no one there for you.

04.Savings and financial independence

We all need money to be happy and to make the people we care about happy. Sometimes, money is even better than having a relationship because when you are financially stable, everybody will pretend to like you even if they don't but when you are broke, you will be treated like a deadly virus.


Value yourself, and do not let others make you question this. Listen to your heart, and let go of everything that upsets or irritates you. Change your environment if you need to. Find a job where your work is appreciated. Break up with whoever brings you down and mistreats you. Why tolerate something toxic only out of politeness?

02. Love yourself

Love yourself because nobody will love you like you love yourself. Don't make your happiness to depend on other people's behaviour, you have to define your happiness for yourself by yourself. So change the way you think because nobody can please you like you.

01.True love

True love is not only when you are dating the right person, it's all about discovering your happiness and never letting anybody steal it from you. You can only get that by putting everything we listed together. There might be more that were not listed here but the point is that you should not allow your happiness to be dependent on anyone.

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