7 Phrases That Show Low Self-Esteem Imediately

A person with low self-esteem feels unworthy, incapable, and incompetent. In fact, because the person with low self-esteem feels so poorly about him or herself, these feelings may actually cause the person's continued low self-esteem.
We have carefully searched out some phrases that immediately shows that a person lacks confidence. Lack of confidence is not only detected from gestures but also from the utterances made by a person. Let's take a look at these phrases below


Can you remember bumping into people and they apologized to you?
Studies by the Self Esteem Institute have revealed that people suffering from low self esteem always feel that they are wrong and that everything that goes wrong is their fault.

How to solve this issue: If you are one of the people  that is suffering from this problem, you need to analyze situations and be sure that you are actually wrong before you apologize for it.


There are some people that believe that everything that they have achieved was just by luck forgetting how much hard work that they put into achieving what they have. 
According to research, this phenomenon is called irrational or dishonest self-statement. Yes, people can be lucky but luck only happens on some occassions and not all the time.
How to solve this issue: You have to believe that you are a great person and when someone praise you, just say thank you and stop making excuses that you dont deserve it but always acknowledge God for creating such opportunity for you and not saying that it was just luck.


Scientists from the University of New Hampshire (USA) made a research and discovered that people suffering from low self esteem are always more concerned about other people's opinion and can never stand on their own decisions. They prefer to communicate with people that treat them like trash rather that have arguments on what they believe is right.

How to solve this issue: If you have this problem, you need to understand that most people care about themselves and nobody will ever put your priority before theirs, so why put their priority before yours?
All you need to do is to throw these kind of negative people away from your life, move ahead and never look back.


If you are one of those people that constantly have a problem in making choices, then you probably fall onto this category. People that suffer from low self esteem always find it hard to make the simplest decisions. They make a decision and then change their minds for no reason.

How to solve this issue: You need to understand that life can be much easier and funny. Making small decisions will not change anything or destroy your entire life. Always make the choice that you feel will please you instead of trying to take everybody's opinion on an issue that affects you and not them.


There are people with the habit of always defending themselves even without any obvious reason. The have their personal interpretation to every compliment, criticism and even reproach. This kind of people begin to make up explanations and excuses starting with the word, "It's just". 

An example of such a situation is when someone tells a lady "you look beautiful" and she replies with "it's just because i am wearing a nice dress"

How to solve this issue: If you are one of the people that has this problem, you need to understand the difference between praise, compliment and criticism and know how to give the appropriate response and not always responding with an excuse.


There some people that constantly make fun of themselves because they suffer from low self esteem. These people often think that other people constantly think about their shortcomings, so the feel that it's better for them to be ironic. “I cooked the grub“ instead of ”I made food." is a perfect example what they'll say.

How to solve this issue: If you don't draw people's attention to your problems, other people are less likely to even notice it.


According to a Psch Central editor known as Margarita Tartakovsky, low self esteem doesn't only affect the behavioral side of a person but also affects the physical side of a person. Sometimes it causes an unexplained fatigue and drowsiness. People with low self esteem usually use this to avoid problems.

How to solve this issue: If you have this problem, try to visit a therapist. A therapist can help you find activities that will replace the naps that you take.


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