7 Most Creepy/Chilling Images Captured By Google Earth

Google maps have played a major role in exposing so many secrets since it was discovered. Some people just do what they do, forgetting that they are being watched.We can check out other places around our destination and plan an amazing vacation all before we even leave the couch. However, with the ability to see every detail of the world around us near and far, we’re bound to run into some pretty eerie sites every once in a while.
With the use of radar technology, we can see almost every part of the earth with google maps. Sometimes, it can be really interesting but other times, it is quite scary. Here are some of the most terrifying moments that were caught by the google map camera.

07.Body Bag on the road

Google maps usually take photos form documented roads. Due to this fact, they usually captured tragic moments like crazy car accidents. The creepy part of the images is that we actually see the accident victims just the way it happened.
In the photo above, we can't find any damaged car on the scene , so this makes us wonder if this was actually an accident. The people around seem not to care as they are going about their business like nothing happened. Well, we don't know what actually happened here but a body bag on the road is not something that's so cool.

06. A kidnap in progress

Google earth captured this creepy moment that seems to be a crime scene. What's scary is that this actually looks like a kidnap in progress. As you can see, there is a guy by the boot and it seems that they want to put the lady into the boot. If this was actually an ongoing crime, we hope that the law enforcement agents were able to stop them before they could harm the lady. Well, we hope that it is not what we are thinking. 

05. A lady being dragged with her hair in the street

This is another creepy photo of a lady being dragged on the street by another lady. The woman that is dragging the other lady seems to be the kind of lady that you wouldn't wanna have any trouble with. 
What's even more creepy is that the lady was not scared to do this in broad day light where everyone would see her. Whatever the case may be, the situation does not look so good. The girl on the road looks so helpless and powerless against the bigger lady.

4. Shipwreck On the notorious North Sentinel Island

This photo was taken above the notorious Sentinel Island where the people that live there have refused to embrace any form of modern civilization. The people on this island have no form of contact with the outside world.
What's more scary is that they kill any stranger that comes into their land. The creepy part of this photo is that there's a shipwreck on the island and we wonder what they might have done to the crew. As much as we want to believe that they were cool with the crew members on their island, we know that's not true.

03. Crime in progress

The photograph above shows us a guy that's being murdered. It seems google captured the image when the police found the dead body of the victim. Google has since removed this image for respect of the victim. This was no joke or mistake, it was an actual murder case and the case has since been investigated by the police and the murder has been solved.

 2.A squid monster In The Ocean

The ocean is full of creepy things and we have not discovered all the creatures that exist in the ocean. Those who stumbled upon the strange image believe that it’s evidence of a giant squid-like creature swimming about undisturbed. The creature appears to be really big with lots of tentacles that go beneath the ocean. Although, we cannot clearly see the creature but we know that it is not anything we have seen before. Whatever it is, it doesn't look like a friendly animal.

1. Illegal possession of a dangerous weapon

The photo above seems cool but when you take a closer look, you will discover something creepy about the photo. Wouldn’t you be a little thrown off if you saw a strange car with a camera attached driving around your city? The thing that makes this picture scary, however, is the man pointing a gun right at the camera!
This picture was taken in Detroit and we all know that Detroit is not once of the most peaceful cities on earth. Whenever the people here see a car that they do not know, they usually hold their guns just in case the person is an enemy. The sad part of this photo is that the police discovered the dead body of a 17 month old child in the closet of the owner of the house.

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