7 Kinds of Men Women Really Like

One main questions that all men around the world are trying to answer is "What do women really want?"

This question sounds like it has no answer but there is actually an answer to this question.  A group of female analysts from Bright Side, finally answered this question from their personal survey.
Here are seven things that women expect from men. Read this carefully and have a better understanding

07. The Spontaneous Guy

The fact that you are a spontaneous guy does not mean that you should spend every week in a new country. This does not mean that you should carry a band to play music under her window or that you should fill the bath tub with champagne.
All we mean is that you should be spontaneous in little things because women are very observant even in little things. Send her an unexpected text or invite her to a dance unexpectedly. Girls love to predict what will happen next and find out that they were wrong.

06. The Persistent Guy

You need to understand that when a lady tells you no, she does not really mean what she says. That does not mean that she means yes either. This is because women don't know what to they want so it's up to you to convince them. Women want a man to prove himself by being persistent and not giving up so easily. However, you should only try this for women that have already shown you signs that they like you.

05. The Inspiring guy

A good woman is ready to be devoted to whatever the person she likes is doing. She deserves to be treated in the same manner. It is very important for a man to be interested in whatever the woman you love is doing. Women have big dreams but their dreams will only become even bigger and get realized if you prove to them that you believe in them.

04.The  Thoughtful Guy

If you are one of those girls that think that all a girl needs is jewelry,expensive trips and diamonds, you are so wrong. Small and thoughtful gifts can make a woman feel the butterflies in her stomach. You have to always listen to the things that she says and you will be able to find out what she loves.
All you need to do is to get her that little special thing when she least expects it.

3. The man with a great sense of humor

A weird guy once made a joke that girls like serious guys and those guys that have no sense of humor believed him. The fact is that even scientists have proved that laughter is one of the strongest aphrodisiac. You need to learn how to joke more often but you need to bear in mind that it is not everything that you joke about. For instance, you don't joke about her dress, her family or her hairstyle.

2. Attentive and caring

You have to be careful so that you don't go too far. You don't need to call her phone 100 times a day or send a million texts. Just asking her some simple and sincere questions will make you know if she really cars about you. You need to ask her questons like "how was your day?", "how are you?" and not some creepy questions.

1. The Positive Guy

Psychologists have come to a conclusion that a man and a woman as a couple are 2 connecting vessels. If one of them is filled with positivity, the other will be with positivity eventually. A good mood is the best thing that a man can give to a woman. You need to learn how to smile more often and share happy emotions with her and she will be yours sooner than you think. 

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