5 Ways Your Body Reacts to Breakups

Breaking up with the people that you are in love with is very difficult. Emotional issues are not the kind of issues that can just be solved overnight. While you may think that break ups only affects our mind, it also affects our body.
We have decided to tell you 5 things that happens to your body after you suffer from a heart break.

1. Anxiety and sleep problems

The human body is programmed to need human contact when we are sad or feel emotional pain. When your body needs contacts but there is no one there, it causes anxiety. Research have shown that the emotional pain after break up activates the same part of the brain that is stimulated in the brain of a person suffering from cocaine addiction.

2. Chest pain

Research has shown that people receive nerve signals associated with physical pain after break up. For example, when a hot drink spills on someone, the signal of pain sent to the brain which causes actual pain. A similar signal is also sent to the brain of a person when he/she suffers from break up.
Heart related problems are likely to come up after a person suffers from a serious break up.

3. Skin problems

Apart from the fact that people fail to take care of themselves during depression, skin conditions also come up on their own due stress hormone. This problem can also lead to hair loss and even acne.

4. Muscle pain

In a depressed state, people are more prone to injury than usual. Also, because of stress, spasms in the muscles may appear, and the muscles may contract, causing pain in different parts of the body.
When you are in a depressed state, you are more prone to injury than usual. Spasm in the muscle may also appear due to stress and your muscles may contract and cause pain all over your body.

5. Loss of appetite or weight gain

After suffering from breakup, you may have issues with you appetite. This happens in the beginning but in the long run, you may become overweight.Due to stress, you cells become less sensitive to insulin and you body begins to secrete more insulin which results in the accumulation of fat.

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