5 People Who Survived Their Execution – You will be shocked to see how they survived (With Pictures)

1. Zoleykhah Kadkhoda (1977)

In Iran a young woman named Zoleykhah Kadkhoda was charged of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning. Kadkhoda was buried up to her waist but soon after the stoning began there was a sharp disapproving reaction from the villagers. Never-the-less the stoning went on and by the time it stopped Kadkhoda was thought to be dead and her corpse was taken to the morgue. Arriving there, they soon discovered that she was breathing and was rushed to the hospital. Zoleykhah Kadkhoda survived that day to tell her story.

2. Willie Francis (1929 – 1947)

At the age of 16 Willie Francis became the first incident of a failed execution by electrocution in the United States. On murdering his employer – a pharmacy owner – Francis was convicted and sentenced to death by the electric chair. On administering a lethal surge of electricity, witnesses report that they had heard the boy scream “Take it off! Take it off! Let me breathe! “. Another report claimed him saying “I’m n-not dying!” The executioners were left flabbergasted. It was later discovered that the electric chair failed to kill Willie Francis because it was improperly set up by a prison guard who was drunk at the time

3. Elizabeth Proctor (1652-Unknown)

In the Salem Witch Trials (1692-93), Elizabeth Proctor along with her her husband was accused of practising witchcraft and after a trial was sentenced to death. Elizabeth was pregnant and therefore was granted a stay of execution until after the birth of her baby. Her husband was executed on August 19, 1692. Salem Witch Trials was a big sensational story back then. Soon the Governor intervened and ordered 153 people (who were wrongly convicted without hard evidence) to be freed. Elizabeth was among those released.

4. John Henry George Lee (1864 – Circa 1945)

John Lee was convicted of murdering his employer, Miss Emma Keyse by clubbing her to death with an axe followed by slashing her throat with a knife and then setting her house on fire. He was sentenced to death by hanging. On the day of his hanging he was taken to the Exeter Prison. He was made to stand on the trap door, beneath which his dead corpse would have been hanging, had the door not malfunctioned. They tried hanging him again but failed. After three failed attempts, the Home Secretary reduced John Lee’s sentence to life imprisonment.

5. Anne Green

Anne Green was a domestic servant who had committed infanticide in 1650. The child was her own child said to have been fathered by the grandson of her employer. Green hid her pregnancy and gave birth to a still born. She tried unsuccessfully to hide the body and was discovered and sentenced to death by hanging. During the execution she hung with the rope around her throat while her friends pulled at her swinging body, as was requested by Anne herself. She was even struck severe blows just to make sure that she was dead. After the usual interval she was cut down, pronounced dead and handed over to the medical students. But the students were in for a shock when they discovered that the ‘corpse’ was actually faintly breathing. She was accordingly treated and soon recovered. The event was regarded as the special interference of the hand of God on behalf of the innocent and therefore Anne Green was pardoned


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