5 History Textbook Facts That Aren’t Facts at All

Over the years, we have been told so many stories about the past that are not even true. These stories may work so well for fiction but history is not happy about the lies that are being told. We have carefully put together some of the facts that you have been told that are not true at all. See them below

05.The Egyptian pyramids weren’t built by slaves.Shakespeare never wrote a single piece. The author was a different person.

The popular Shakespeare grew up in a sheep trade hub where it is impossible for him to gain the sufficient knowledge to write such deep descriptions of court intrigues, politics and other countries culture. 
Another thing we noticed is that he has no unique signature for his works, his works are signed differently, meaning that they were written by different people. Although many people have rejected this theory but Charlie Chaplin, Mark Twain, and Sigmund Freud supported this theory.

04.The Egyptian pyramids weren’t built by slaves.

In the 1990's, archeologists discovered the tombs of the people that worked on the construction of the pyramids and these people were buried with honours because they were very close to the Pharoas.
Futher investigations revealed that this people were workers, who worked with the past  Pharoas.They were not slaves in any way.

03.The Trojan Horse didn’t exist.

The sad part is that there are no sources other than those people that fabricated this story. This is one of the story that has numerous myths and legends. A group of researches feel that there was no wooden horse, they feel that it was a ram that looked like a horse or a siege weapon. Another group of researchers feel that the Trojan Horse was an earthquake that destroyed the walls of Troy. Well, whatever it is, we don't know the truth.

02.The Sphinx of Giza lost its nose long before Napoleon arrived in Egypt.

We have another popular story that during Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt (1798-1801) he ordered his soldiers to exercise shooting with the Sphinx as a target.  According to the story, this was how it lost it's nose.
But the reality of t he story is that the statue had already lost it's nose even before Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt. There is another rumor that the nose was broken in the 14th century by an Arab Zealot.

01.The library of Alexandria was destroyed long before the famous fire.

There is a story that priceless knowledge were destroyed during the attack of Julius Caesar on Alexandria in Egypt.
What actually happened was that Julius Caesar had little or nothing to destroy because the library had already been seriously damaged by another enemy even before Caesar arrived.
The major reason for the downfall of the library was another reason. It's said that the state gradually stopped maintaining the library until it totally got abandoned and dilapidated. 


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