5 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

Actors are always seen with the idea that they are high and mighty and will never want to associate with anyone that is not a celebrity but you are wrong. Love is a beautiful thing and it comes on its own at any time with anyone. Fans are not always clingy and creepy like those shown in the movies. Most celebrities avoid direct or intimate contact with their fans and marrying them does not rest on ordinary ears very easily.  We bring you some actors that married their fans. Enjoy the list below

#5- Kelsey Grammer

Kayte was a young flight attendant who won the heart of actor Kelsey Grammer. The actor was still married with two daughters when he started dating Kayte. Kayte was a divocee and they both clicked and it took them only two weeks to fall in love and get married and they have been together ever since then.

#4- Patrick Dempsey

We find our life partners in weird places right?, Patrick Dempsey's case was not different as he found his wife in a hair saloon. She was a stylish and she felt that her friends were trying to fool her when they told her that Dempsey was around.  They clicked and got married thesame year and they have been together ver since then. She still does their haircut till date, I mean her husband and their three kids.

#3- Kim Kardashian

Before they got married or even dated, Kanye was crazy about Kim. Well, Kanye is not the type that loves anybody but himself and we were surprised to see him fall so madly in love with Kim even after her shitty past. Kanye and Kim got married in the year 2014 after her second divorce. They have two children named North and Saint.

#2- Conan O’Brien

This was more like love at first sight. Conan O'Brien has admitted severally that he fell in love with Lisa Powell at first his first sight of her. Picture yourself sitting in the audience of a talk show where the host falls under your magic. Difficult? It may sound like a fairytale but it actually happened to Lisa Powell when she was just sitting in the audience, minding her own business as a loyal fan when the host of the show, Conan O’Brien fell for her.

#1- Jessica Alba

It all happened in the year 2004 when Jessica Alba was filming for the movie "fantastic 4" and she also got herself a fantastic husband. Warren had always been a huge fan of the actress even before they met face to face, no wonder it was easy for them to connect in a romantic way. They have been married for 7 years with 2 kids.

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