10 Rich and Famous people that hate each other so much.

Humans are can be really funny and weird, you cannot predict their character or emotions. Arguments and a difference in idea can often lead to hatred and quarrels but their status may make these people to pretend in front of the public eye.it is very natural to hate colleagues, counterparts, competition and those you deem are better. We bring you 10 celebrities who don't like each other or maybe we can say that they hate themselves.

10. The Jaw Makers

The Jaw movie was a hit and is still a very popular movie till date. The producers of this movie are not actually friends and they both hate themselves very much. Robert Shaw and Richard Drefuss were not friends on set or off set.According to the story, Shaw expressed desire to quit his dependency on booze and Dreyfuss responded by throwing Shaw’s drink out of the window. Shaw kept bullying Richard all through the shooting of the movie. They finally ended up producing a great movie, even though they did not have a great friendship.

9. The Star Trek Leads

The leads of this movie were not really fond of each other on set. Shatner insisted for a few Spock’s lines to be those of Captain Kirk’s. Their relationship eventually became heated as Nimoy felt that the Cap was trying to steal his glory. Although they finally reconciled after the shooting of the movie but their feud lasted all through the shooting of the movie.

8. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford

Bette Davis and John despised each other. Their hatred for each other was so intense that they never reconciled all through their careers.  It was possibly more to do with professional jealousy than with personal rift. Davis had a belief that Crawford did not deserve to be at the top because she slept her way to the top of the industry. Crawford tried to become friends with Davies and even sent her gifts but Davies was not ready to make peace with her. Both actresses are still regarded as some of the greatest actresses that ever came to hollywood.

7. The X-Files Co stars

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were not in each other's good books for a long time. Duchovny blames the insane timing and awkward shoot locations for the show. Both pf them kept being on each other's throat on and off set. . Years after the X-Files came to an end, the stars patched up. Interestingly, although they were co-stars, they shared such vivid chemistry that as teens we never figured that their backstage relationship could be so stressful. We must commend them for being able to sort out their issues.

6. Julia Roberts against her brother Eric

You all know that both Julia Roberts and her brother, Eric Roberts are really cute,lol. Apart from their good looks, they have both done well in their acting careers and won numerous awards. While Eric may be so successful on the screen, his personal life seems to be quite scary. He has a record of being a violent man and and it was said that he abused his spouse before. Their issue started when Julia supported Eric's ex wife over the custody of their daughter and this caused a big fight between both siblings which has not been settled over the years.

5. Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi

Both tennis stars were very successful during their time but their rivalry caused hatred between them. Although it was nothing personal but a professional jealousy between both players. Until the retirement of Samprass, they had their arguments both on and off the tennis court. during a charity match in 2010 neither of them held their feelings back. They spent their round mocking each other on open mics and sending slander in the way of each other.

4. Post GNR

Both former band members do not like each other. Rose says that Slash was a cancer that was righteously removed from the band for the good of it.says that Rose is a douche that demanded full legal ownership of the band name GNR, short for Guns N’ Rose is an American band from Los Angeles formed in 1985.Their band is still recognized as one of the most successful bands of all time.

3. Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe

Both stars were both in love on screen but off screen, it was nothing like that.Curtis hated her and compared her with Hitler.  Curtis said that Marilyn made life terrible for her fellow cast and crew members. Curtis went further to say that he felt like he was kissing Hitler all the times that they kissed on set.
Monroe is one of the highest paid and greatest actress of all time.

2. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

Both singers are very successful and they hate each other till date. It is not only that they have expressed anger at each other, Swift’s song Bad Blood is about Katy Perry and supposedly the latter went as far as trying to sabotage one of Swift’s performances. The funny twist is that they used to be friends before they became enemies.  They have both dated the same man at some point of their lives in the past.

1. Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio

They were both the stars in the Romeo and Juliet hit movie but they were not friends.  Claire felt that Di Caprio was to immature and Di Caprio felt that she was too up tight. It's funny that they still worked fine on screen and made the romantic scenes look so real. Well, we must really be scared of actors and actresses as they can fake emotions at anytime.

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