10 Powerful Forces that control the World

We have over 199 nations in the world which are governed by their own people. I guess that you are thinking that the relationship between countries is what moves the world forward but you are wrong. The world is actually being controlled by 10 strong force and you might be shocked to know them.

10. Cats

You might be shocked to see a cat on our list. Cats have successful gotten 33 species extincted from the face of the earth, I guess you know why they on our list now.
In the USA, Cats that are not domesticated are regarded as the most dangerous predators. Cats live in all the continents of the world apart from Antartica and they are estimated to be over 600 million with a large number of 12 millionl  Feral cats in the USA. Feral cats are responsible for the extinction of many mammal extinction.

9. YKK Zippers

The YKK is a Japanese company that makes 90% of the zippers on earth. The company builds the machines which they use to make these zippers which are so reliable that almost all clothing companies patronize them.  The owner of the company used to make zippers for himself before he turned it into one of the biggest companies in the world. So, the YKK are indirectly controlling the world and you don't even know it.

8. The ESRB

This is a group of six individuals who make the decision whether a video game should be released to retail and wholesale shops or not. This means that any game that is not approved by them will never be played. What makes it worse is that their decisions is based on their personal opinions.  Game developing is one of the highest paying professions in the world.

7. The founders of the WHO

The World Health Organization are responsible for taking many vital decisions that affects everyone.  In 2002, WHO made a report which it was stated that the amount of sugar taken in by a person should not exceed 10% of the total calories that are taken by anyone in one day. This sparked outrage and protests by the sugar making companies. When it comes to the welfare of everyone, WHO plays a major role.

6. American Psychiatric Association Board Members

This Body consists of 20 members who vote on which revision gets accepted into the DSM which is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  Inclusion or exclusion into the DSM influences legislation, research funding and health care coverage and it also governs what is a personality disorder and what is not. So let’s say if anxious depression is not included into the DSM based on the voting, it might affect on the coverage it gets in someone’s medical insurance! In this way the American Psychiatric Association is heavily ruling what can be imparted to a person owing to his or her mental state. According to WHO, 350 million people worldwide suffer from at least one form of depression.

5. Luxottica

This Italian company heads the production of sunglasses and decide the price for every sun glass product.American brands are also owned by Luxottica. There are other brands, sunglasses departments of which are controlled by Luxottica too. The company also owns many retail chains, they basically control sunglasses all over the world.

4. AARP in Washington D.C

Among all the lobbyist groups , AARP is one of the most powerful. The policy making of the U.S drives policies all over the world especially after the beginning of the post cold war era. As the world moved towards a unipolar world, what happened in America, did not stay there- it affected people almost everywhere in the world. How does AARP affect the policy of the government? AARP neither finances nor funds candidates but it affects the political leaders primarily through using their voting power as a leverage. There are some 40 million members of the AARP. They can use the money that they have to promote or defame any political figure and can affect policy through lobbying as well.

3. Vultures

Vultures are known for disposal as they consume over 69% of the meat in many regions of Africa. Vultures consume carcasses in the wild and this helps in the spread of diseases. They help in control of contamination of water. This natural disposal unit is disappearing at a fast pace and is a threat to the ecology of this world.


Fungi plays an important role that you don't even know. The most important antibiotic, Penicilin, is made from fungi.Before the advent of the antibiotic, 10 million people died in Europe alone (during  the World War) and the majority of these deaths was due to infections.  According to scientists, If not for fungi, the world would have been left as an ocean.Fungi help in the making of bread, wine, cheese and a few species like the common mushroom are edible to us. One of the most important role that Fungi play is the decomposition. Fungi is the greatest gift to the ecosystem.

1. The Winner of this list: China’s Three- Gorges Dam

The earth may look big but when you take a deep look, you will discover that the earth is very fragile. The activities of man has been destroying the earth since man's existence. The axis of the earth for rotation has been set with such precision that the slightest change can raise havoc on this planet.  The Chinese Three Gorges Dam made the earth's rotation slower by 0.06 micro seconds. You might not notice it but this plays a big wrole in the stability of the earth.

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