10 Popular Movies that are based on true love stories.

Movies play an important role in our lives. Sometimes they motivate us and other times, they influence us either
 in a positive or negative way. Here are some of the unforgettable movies that are based on true life events. I guess you can go back and see them again, knowing that the story was not just imagined but real.

10. The Vow (2012)

This movie has stars like Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. The movie debuted on the number 1 spot and is on the number 8th position of the highest grossing movies since 1980.
This movie about the story of a married couple who had a car accident causing his wife to loose her memories.
This movie was not formulated, it is based on a real life story. A lady called Krickitt Carpenter was involved in an accident that put her in coma for about four months. When she woke up, she did not remember anything about the previous two years of her life but her husband did not give up. He was patient and they slowly made new memories together and fell in love all over again.

9. The Notebook

This movie was released in the year 2004 based on a Novel titled "the Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks. The movie features Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as the lead characters. The story is about a young couple that fell in love in the 1940's. The movie has won so many awards.
The movie is based on the true story of Jack Potter whose wife suffers from Dementia. He helps her by reading the diary that he wrote.

8. The Theory of Everything

This movie features Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones as the lead acts. The movie is based on the story of Stephen Hawking at his younger years when he was an astrophysics student at Cambridge University in the year 1963.
Hawking was diagnosed of a motor neurone disease after his muscles gradually started to fail. The doctors told him that he had two years to live and that he will not be able to breather,walk or talk for the rest of his life. The further said that his brain will not be affected by the disease. His girlfriend still promised to stay with him even as his condition got worse. 

7. Boys Don’t Cry

This is a 1999 movie that is based on the story of a transgender man who tries to find love in Nebraska. He got close to a girl called Lana Tidsel who was unaware of his gender and they both became romantically involved with each other. The sad movie is based on the true life story of Brandon Teena who was murdered in 1993.

6. The Edge of Love

This movie is based on a true life love story of a young lady known as Vera Philips. She fell in love with a man who was married with a kid but that did not stop the flames from burning.

5. A Beautiful Mind

This is the story of a genius mathematician/economist who met a beautiful woman and fell in love with her. He was admitted to a psychiatric hospital after he witnessed a shootout and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. This is a true love story of how his wife sacrificed everything to help him through his condition.

3. It Could Happen To you

This movie was released in 1994, about an NYPD officer whose known to be very kind and generous but his wife is completely the opposite of him. He met a waitress that was in serious debts and he decided to give her half his lottery winning ticket. The man ended up winning $4 million and gave her $2 million as he promised.
Although they both fell in love in the movie but in real life, the officer only gave her the money and they both kept on living their lives without being romantically involved with each other.

2. Walk The Line

This movie was released in the year 2005, based on the life and career of Johnny Cash. The story talks about his life from his early life in Arkansas to his rise to fame and love life with June Carter. The movie was nominated for 5 Oscars and raked in over $186 million.

1. Mrs. Soffel

This is a movie that was released in the year 1984. The movie is based on the story of a man named Jack. He escaped prison with the help of the warden's wife. 

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