10 of the most Dangerous gangs in the world

Gang life is something that is very common all over the world, If you ever find yourself in any trouble with a gang member, you better not mess with them. These gangs are known for illegal activities like drug trafficking, human trafficking, murder, r*pe and many other illegal things. They usually have issues with the law and even overpower the law enforcement officials in some instances. We bring you the 10 most dangerous gangs in the world.

10 of the most Dangerous gangs in the world

10.Sinaloa Cartel

Location: Mexico
Founded: 1989

This gang is well known for so many criminal activities which include Drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping, bribery and money laundering. These people video their victims while they are being murdered and share graphic video on the internet. They posses dangerous weapons like Ak 47, Rifles and greenades. The leaders of the gang are Ismael Zambada García and Juan José Esparragoza Moreno.

09.The Aryan Brotherhood

Location: California, United States.
Founded: 1964.

This gang is based in California, United States. The group was founded in the year 1964 and has been existing over the years. Their criminal activities include, Dog fighting, prost!tution, assault, drug trafficking, extortion, arms trafficking and many more. The members of this gang are racist and can do really scary things to their victims. They kill with bare hands, acid bath and many other inhuman things.

08.14K Triad

Location: China
Founded: 1945
This group is well known for counterfeiting, arson, fraud, prost!tution,human trafficking, identity theft, Money laundering, extortion, murder, kidnapping, robberies and so much more. This group has infiltrated police ranks. They use weapons like guns and meat cleavers.


Location: United States
Founded: 1969

This gang was founded in the year 1969, they are located in the United States. Their criminal activities include robbery, drug trafficking, murder and so much more. Another scary fact of this gang is that they are absolutely everywhere and they use weapons such as guns, knives and fist of fury.

06.Bamboo Union

Location: Taiwan
Founded: 1950

This gang is well known for their brutal acts, as a matter of fact, they once murdered a journalist in his own garage. Their criminal activities include extortion, contract killing, murder and so many other organized crimes. This group own guns and more guns. Their leader is Chang An-Lo “White Wolf”.

05.Barrio Azteca

Location: Mexico/United States
Founded: 1986

This group is located in both Mexico and the USA. They are well known for criminal activities such as money laundering, murder, extortion and people smuggling. The are well known for their terrorism in the USA. They own Dangerous guns and they are not the kind of people that you should mess with.


Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Founded: 1980

This gang was founded in the year 1980, they are well known for so many crimes such as human trafficking, murder, kidnapping and so much more. These criminals basically control the government in El Salvador. They use weapons such as Machetes and grenade launchers.

03.Los Zetas

Location: Mexico
Founded: 1999

This gang is located in Mexico and has been existing since the year 1999. Their criminal activities include bombing,torture, assassinations, terrorism, car bombing, murder, bribery and so much more. The scary fact about this gang is that they are highly trained and they are not the type that the police can easily arrest. They use weapons such as rocket launchers and other deadly weapons.


Location: Japan
Founded: 1915; 102 years ago.

This gang has been existing for over 102 years. They are one of the biggest gangs in the world and they are very brutal. Their criminal activities include illegal gambling, internet p*rnography, blackmail, contract killing, drug trafficking, fraud, murder and so much more. Their mode of recruitment is via website or magazine. They use weapons such as bombs and guns. Their leader is Kenichi Shinoda.

01.Knights Templar Cartel

Location: Michoacán, Mexico.
Founded: 2011

This gang is one of the youngest but one of the most dangerous. It was founded in Mexico in the year 2011 by Nazario Moreno González, Enrique Plancarte Solís, Servando Gómez Martínez (La Tuta). Their crime include Drug trafficking, money laundering, kidnapping, racketeering, murder, arms trafficking, robbery, assault, counterfeiting.

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