July 2017

There has certainly been no shortage of highly publicized celebrity deaths lately. Even in this year alone, we can think of numerous instances. Between tributes being payed to these stars, and fellow celebrities paying their respects on social media, it is often impossible to miss out on the bad news. Nevertheless, it is not exactly an odd occurrence for the passing of a celebrity to go unnoticed.
Unless it is a largely famous star, news of these deaths usually fade out within a day or two. It is in this way that it is easy enough to miss out on such news.
This list deals with some recent celebrity deaths that appear to have gone unbeknownst to many individuals. It is clear that the stars on this list were just as unlucky as ordinary people, and just like stars, ordinary peoples’ death often fades away as quick as it comes.

5. Judith Barsi

Although millions of people have heard Judith Barsi’s voice in animated movies such as The Land Before Time and All Dogs Go to Heaven, many are not aware that the young actress was already dead prior to the release of those movies. The actress was tragically shot by her abusive father on July 25th 1988, when she was only 10 years old.

4. Glenn Frey

Frey, best known for being the founding member of The Eagles passed away earlier this year after a long battle with rheumatoid arthritis. The star was first diagnosed in 2000. Unfortunately, the medication the star had been taken to treat his arthritis is ultimately what led to his death as it caused various complications including pneumonia and colitis. Frey passed away at the age of 67, a number of weeks after surgery to fix intestinal problems.

3. Andy Whitfield

Whitfield, who became famous from his starring role in The Spartacus: Blood and Sand series, passed away from non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2011 when he was 39 years old. The Welsh born actor was diagnosed with the illness in 2010, however, Whitfield was pronounced cancer free after two months of treatment. Unfortunately, the cancer returned later that year. The actor is said to have passed peacefully surrounded by his family and wife at his Sydney home.

2. Michael Clarke Duncan

The actor, most renowned for his role as John Coffey in crime drama The Green Mile, passed away in 2012 due to complications that occurred following a cardiac arrest. Duncan suffered the heart attack on July 13th and was rushed to a nearby hospital. It is said that the actor’s girlfriend tried to resuscitate the star at the time. On August 6th Duncan’s condition seemed to be improving as he was removed from the intensive care unit. However, the star tragically passed away on September 3rd after having never fully recovered from the tragic incident.

1. James Gandolfini

Gandofini, best known for his role as Tony Soprano in the American-mafia drama The Sopranos, passed away in 2013 when he was 51 years old. The actor was on holiday in Rome when the incident occurred. Gandofini was discovered by his 13-year-old son Michael on the bathroom floor of the hotel they were staying at. The actor’s death was the result of a heart attack and his body was returned to the United Stated for burial.

Celebrity weddings as we used to know are always very elaborate! But it is now clear that, there are few things that celebrities love than getting married elaborately, some now prefer to have a low key “secret wedding ceremony” this is most likely because of what have happened to their fellow celebrities that had very noisy and elaborate weddings. Here we take a look back at celebrities who had undercover weddings.

3. Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa is a Nigerian radio personality, television host, and vlogger. She is known for co-hosting The Morning Drive on Rhythm 93.7 FM and her YouTube vlog series Toke Moments.Toke Makinwa got married to Maje Ayide on the 15th of January 2014.

2. Dija

Hadiza Blell, better known by her stage name Di’Ja, is a Sierra Leonean Nigerian singer, visual artist and songwriter signed to the Mavin Records. Di’ja got married December 9, 2015 to Rotimi in Kaduna, although as at that time the information was not vital until on the 1st of july that she officially announced that she had gotten married and had a baby boy.

1. D’banj

July 2nd 2016, Dapo Oyebanjo tied the knot with his girlfriend Lineo Didi Kilgrow secretly, the singer reportedly invited his father and twenty-five other guests to the registry. It was so discreet that the group thought they were invited for a birthday party but were shocked when it turned out to be the Registry wedding.

It is quite surprising to see just how much they were able to make before being incarcerated. Doing something similar to what these criminals have done in their past may get you rich quick, but consider the consequences beforehand, as some of them have faced sentences of up to 30 years. All in all, is it worth it in the end? See below for 5 criminals with net worths that will certainly shock you!

5. Griselda Blanco: $2 billion

While the men were known to have ruled the drug business at the time, Griselda Blanco clearly wanted in, hoping that she could also change her living habits for the better. Having grown up in a poor household, one can only imagine how Griselda must have felt when she had $2 billion in her bank account — this evidently gave her the freedom to do whatever she wanted. Her affiliation with other drug bosses led to her orders of having 200 people killed in the process. She might have been a woman, but she thought and acted just like the fellas.

4. Khun Sa: $5 billion

Who would’ve thought that the leader of the Shan United Army, who trained hundreds of his soldiers during the Chinese Civil War, would trade it in so that he can become another criminal in the drug business? Khun Sa’s situation was a little different since he already had a substantial income — not to forget that he was leading an army of people; giving them the instructions and orders. Eventually though, Khun had a helping hand in selling the increasingly popular heroin substance in the streets of New York during the 1970s and all the way up to the ‘90s. He had made $5 billion by then.

3. The Ochoa Brothers: $6 billion

When the job as a cattle breeder didn’t work out as planned, the Ochoa brothers needed a new plan to make a significant amount of income. Cattle breeding most certainly wasn’t going to keep these three men happy, which would explain why they eventually decided to start their own business in the field of cocaine and heroin, selling the substance to anybody who was interested. Throughout their time as three of the most profitable drug lords in the United States, the Ochoa brothers made significant connections that would help them make a total net worth of $6 billion.

2. Dawood Ibrahim: $6.7 billion

What made Dawood Ibrahim such a significant figure in the drug business wasn’t that he had one of the largest incomes one had ever seen at the time, but more so for his connections with the likes of Al-Qaeda. Dawood wasn’t a man people could mess with — having built up a reputation for being a “no-nonsense” type of man, Kaskar formed the largest drug dealing group that India had ever seen at the time. His wise moves and smart business decisions ultimately led him to stagger up a $6.7 billion net worth.

1. Pablo Escobar: $30 billion

Without a doubt the biggest drug lord of all time, Pablo Escobar was running multiple organizations in the illegal field all across the world, making him one of the most respected figure of his time. He was relatively known to have made up to $5 million every single day — some days, Pablo would see up to $10 million, depending on how fast things were being shipped to different states. All in all, Pablo’s net worth is definitely one of the most impressive sums you’ll have ever heard of: $30 BILLION! And that was all through the work of selling, shipping and buying drugs.

Drawing from my experience as a relationship therapist…here are ten most common reasons why marriages fail.

1. Poor Boundaries;

Engaging in intimate conversations with members of the opposite s*x leads to emotional experiences that cloud judgement, trigger fantasy life, and progress toward physical intimacy outside of marriage. The connection and acceptance found in an illicit relationship divert energy from solving problems with one’s spouse.

2. Selfishness

There needs to be fairness in the distribution of work and responsibility within the relationship. This willingness to extend oneself also pertains to meeting emotional needs. Placing one’s desires consistently ahead of a partner’s emotional needs and responding only when it is a matter of convenience, demand or negotiations would leave a partner feeling unloved.

3. Lack Of Emotional Intimacy;

The lack of sharing one’s feelings, goals, hurts, struggles, joys and emotional details of one’s life leads to loneliness and sadness. Feelings of friendship and partnership come from being connected through interest, deep listening and empathy, mutual support, and sharing perspective as confidants.

4. Disrespectful judgements;

Marriage needs acceptance, admiration, appreciation, and emotional safety. Feelings of anger and hurt follow when the process of exploring differences or contrasting opinions consistently degenerates into criticism, impatience, labelling, contempt, or discrediting one’s thoughts or feelings.

5. Explosive, angry outbursts or rages;

Anger can have a useful purpose if it is listened to and leads to dialogue and useful problem solving. However, anger can create even more anger or withdrawal. Both can interfere with effective communication.

Over the course of history, nations have had many great and powerful rulers. Most of them died either gloriously in battle, or peacefully at home. In any case, their mighty legacy was left intact. However, there are a few cases when even the most powerful and seemingly intangible rulers went through total humiliation, be it in their lifetime or after their death.

5. Al-Musta’sim (Last Abbasid Caliph)

The Mongols had many superstitions, one of which was that it was bad luck to shed royal blood. This didn’t mean that they would not kill their highly ranked enemies, just that they would need to become more creative in doing so. Although this terrible perspective should have been enough of a warning, the Caliph of Baghdad, Al-Musta’sim, disregarded the Mongol threat or their leader, Hulag Khan. (grandson of Genghis Khan)
It is true that the Caliph of Baghdad was the supreme ruler of all of Islam, however it was a time when none could withstand the Mongol threat. Baghdad, the jewel of the Islam Caliphate, was invaded and sacked by the Mongols in 1258, who killed most of its residents. As for Al-Musta’sim, the Mongols respected their tradition: the great Caliph was rolled in a carpet, clubbed and trampled to death. An awkward end to the Caliph and an awkward end to the Caliphate as a whole.

4. Romanos IV Diogenes

The Byzantine Empire, led by Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes, took part in the decisive Battle of Manzikert in 1071, a defining moment for the ongoing conflict between the Byzantines and the Seljuk Turks, led by the legendary Alp Arslan.
Although the Byzantines army was strong, due to several betrayals, it lost the battle and in the end Romanos found himself surrounded by the enemy. Nonetheless, he fought valiantly until he was finally captured.
Romanos was brought to the Sultan, being all covered in dust, sweat and blood. Alp Arslan put his foot on his prisoner’s neck and forced him to kiss the floor, as a sign of total humiliation and submission. However, after this, he treated his prisoner decently and following a short negotiation he let him go.
Yet, Romanos’ anguish would not end just here. Returned home, he found himself deposed and forced into a brief civil war. Once defeated, he was promised a peaceful exile, only to be cheated on, as his adversaries had him tortured and blinded. Finally he was sent into exile on an island, where he died shortly afterwards due to his infected wounds from his blinding. A sad end for a man who could have restored the glory of the Eastern Roman Empire.

3. Charles VII (King of France)

Charles VII of France was known to the French as Charles the Victorious after he succeeded in defeating the English and ending the 100 Years’ War, with the aid of legendary Joan of Arc. During his 38 year reign, he also reformed administration, distanced France from papal intervention, established the University of Poitiers and overall gave the French a sense of state unity they almost never had.
His last years were marked by some rebelling vassals, including his son and heir, although nothing strong enough to destabilize the state. He fell ill in 1458 and what was expected to be a short suffering turned out as on of the longest death scenes in history. It started with a mild sore on his leg which shortly became an infection, slowly spreading through his whole body. Charles remained bedridden, coping with pain, fever and episodes of delirium. In the summer of 1461, the infection spread to his mouth, leading to an abscess so large that the king couldn’t even swallow food or water anymore. He succumbed in suffering on July the 22nd 1461, starved and thirsty to death. After a long reign, highlighted by overcoming one of France’s greatest challenges in history, he went out miserably, in pain and humiliated by his son, who wouldn’t even care to see him in his last years.

2. Valerian

Even during the Late Roman Empire in the 2nd century A.D, the title of Emperor would define you as a person of great power and you would kneel to no one. However, the persona of the Emperor suffered a great blow during the reign of Valerian as he became the first and only Emperor to be captured in battle.
This happened following the Battle of Edessa, during a conflict with the Persians led by their king, Shapur I. Valerian – already 5 years into his reign, much longer than the average rule during the Crisis of the Third Century – had a stroke of bad luck, having his army decimated by the plague just before the battle. Subsequently, they had to surrender to the Persians. Valerian made a successful attempt to parlay with Shapur in order to obtain an honorable retreat, but in a most unexpected act of defiance and backstabbing, Shapur went back on his word and seized Valerian during their meeting, taking him prisoner and putting the roman soldiers into slavery.
Shapur systematically humiliated Valerian, made use of the Emperor as a footstool when mounting on his horse and pretty much used him as a living trophy, amounting to his bragging rights. Valerian spent the rest of his days in the hands of the Persian king, but death did not end his abashment, as after he died, Valerian was skinned and stuffed in order to be displayed in a Persian temple, so all could see the greatest humiliation that a Caesar Augustus had ever suffered.

1. Maximilien Robespierre

After the French Revolution, Maximilien de Robespierre came to power as leader of the Jacobin Movement, which had a great influence in the French politics of the time. Under his careful watch, the Reign of Terror was established, meaning that thousand of presumed counter-revolutionaries would be guillotined. In time, Robespierre acquired the power over one’s life and could decide who could live and who would die. His position soon led others to consider him an effective dictator who had close to absolute power.
Shortly, opposition began to develop among his political peers and in the summer of 1794 his arrest was ordered by the National Convention. Desperate over his imminent defeat he tried to exit the scene on his own terms and attempted suicide. Robespierre tried to shoot himself but only succeeded in shattering his jaw. Badly injured and covered in blood, he spent his last day in a waiting room at the Convention, where many of his adversaries humiliated him and mocked his condition. Only after several hours a doctor attended his wound and bandaged his jaw.
Robespierre last scene alive is a gruesome one. When his turn came to be guillotined, the executioner tore off his bandage and his broken jaw fell on his chest, with blood splattering all around him. There he lied, mutilated, in front of thousand of people that he thought he ruled, who instead flocked in great numbers to mock him and laugh at his agony. When the guillotine fell, the exalted crowd roared for several minutes, finally free from their tyrant.

It’s no longer news that some men around the globe are now transitioning into women which we believe you know one of the most popular transgender ‘Caitlyn Jenner’, oh! you don’t know him/her?? then you must be living under a social media rock. Well our Nigerian men  are tired of remaining men as they’ve shown us that they prefer being and living as women and here is a list of 5 Nigerian men who’ve transitioned into women.

1. Miss Sahhara

She is known for representing Nigeria in international beauty pageants to draw attention to the plights of LGBTQI+ people in Africa. She is now known as Miss Sahhara, she was originally born Clifford Oche, from Benue state, Nigeria. A student of Benue state university. In 2011, She became the first Nigerian transgender woman to come out publicly on international press during the Miss International Queen beauty pageant in Pattaya, Thailand. Miss Sahhara is almost always in the eye of controversy.

2. Stephanie Rose

The Nigerian transs*xual, born Dapo Adaralegbe, lives in Amsterdam as a female. She was a man who schooled at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. According to Dapo, who attended OAU from 1995 to 2001, he was expelled from the university over his identity crisis.
He traveled to Europe where he underwent extensive surgery to become Stephanie Rose.

3. Noni Salma

Only brought to the limelight more recently, this University of Lagos Theatre Arts graduate transformed from being a man to a woman.
Formerly known as Habeeb Babatunde Lawal, a young Nigerian entertainment journalist, she is now known as Noni Salma Lawal.

It is harder for a Nigerian woman to remain hot after birthing kids (as per the carbs and all) but some of Nigerian women have been able to remain hot after birthing one or more children. In recent years, there have been more married celebrities than ever because most of our favorite stars are getting older. The ladies are hooking men, the men are hooking yummy ladies.

7# Tiwa Savage

We are savages for Tiwa’s amazing post baby bod and even though we know husband TBillz did some clean cooking to get his wife’s pre baby body back, the results have us in awe. Tiwa is definitely post baby body goals and one of our favorite MILFs. Of course you agree Tiwa is hot!

6# Mabel Makun

Mabel Makun is probably one of the hottest celebrity wives out there and she commands attention wherever she walks in. No wonder her comedian husband settled for her. The woman is hotter than a sunny day in December. She is mother of one!

5# Busola Dakolo

Busola Dakolo is hot. No doubt about it. With the enviable figure she has after three kids and the beautiful face she has to go with it, you just must think MILF when you see her face. No wonder Timi Dakola sang his *ss out for her in his hit song/music video, Iyawo Mi. Every man would wish if they had her.

4# Anna Banner

Another ex-beauty queen on our 15 hottest mum involved in Nigerian entertainment business. Anna is only 20 years old and is a mother… As a beauty queen she has done her best to get her body back. We expect to see her on magazine cover spready soon. I mean look at that body!

3# Juliet Ibrahim

Talk about most curvy celebrities in Africa and Juliet Ibrahim comes to your mind real quick and that is because her body is on fleek. The mother of one doesn’t work out as often as others so it looks like she’s got good genes. She broke off her wedding to Kwadwo Safo Jnr. in 2013

2# Omotola Jalade

The mother of four is a body goal to most Nigerian women. Its as though age never catches up with her and she gets more beautiful and hot even as she grows old. She should be number left to me..PS: I’ve always had a huge crush on her since i was a kid.

1# Sandra okagbue

Singer Flavour is responsible for putting two women on this list. The highlife singer is father of two, one to Anna Banner, the other to Sandra Okagbue who has obviously gotten her body back. Sandra is former face of Delta soap.

For a while now Nigerian celebrities have been involved in politics for a while now. Veteran Nigerian actress Hilda Dokubo was once the Special Adviser to the former Governor of Rivers state Peter Odili. Nkiru Sylvanus was appointed the Special Assistant on Lagos State Affairs to Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha in 2011. Let’s not forget the leading man of Nollywood Richard Mofe Damijo who was once the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State.
A lot of celebrities took part in the general elections last year. Even though many of them didn’t win, we have started seeing celebs holding political offices in the country.

1.Ini Edo

In February 2016, superstar actress Ini Edo, 33, was appointed Special Adviser on Tourism to the Akwa Ibom State Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel. Speaking about her appointment she said “To be called to serve is an honour. I give God all the glory. Am grateful to my state, my Governor, every one of you with your constant prayers and support… God bless u.

2.Desmond Elliot

In 2014 Nollywood star and director Desmond Elliot moved into politics and joined the political party APC. The following year he ran for a seat in the Lagos state of Assembly. Desmond Elliot shocked everyone by winning.
Months later he was sworn into office at the Lagos State House of Assembly as a member representing Surulere 01 Constituency.

3) Femi Adebayo

Also in February 2016 popular Yoruba actor Femi Adebayo was made the Special Adviser to the Governor of Kwara State, Abdulfatah Ahmed on Arts, Culture and Tourism.
“Today I was appointed as a Special Assistant to the Kwara state governor on Arts, Tourism and Culture. Thank God for an opportunity to transform my state into a foremost tourist state that will attract foreign and domestic tourists” announced Femi Adebayo on Instagram. This month he shared the first photo from his office.

It seems juveniles are being tried as adults at increasing rates, in spite of widely accepted science telling us that the human brain – specifically the prefrontal cortex responsible for planning, impulse control and predicting consequences – doesn’t finish its development until around age 25.
And although the execution of juveniles has been prohibited by various international treaties for some time, the United States was actually one of the last nations to officially ban the practice. Not until 2005’s Roper v. Simmons did the U.S. Supreme Court determine the execution of juveniles violated the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment.
Most people would more closely associate the execution of juveniles with nations such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. In fact, under Sharia Law – the generally illegal but still commonly-practiced religious laws based on the Islamic Koran – a “man” as young as 14 years, 5 months may be executed for a crime, while a “woman” as young as 8 years, 8 months may receive a capital sentence. According to the Organization of Women Against Execution, Iran’s Islamic regime executed 187 juvenile females between 1981 and 1990, including nine girls between the ages of 10 and 13. And in undeveloped countries that lack a birth registry, an offender may find it difficult to prove their juvenile status.
But the western world actually shares a long history of sentencing children to death, as well. There have been multiple instances of children receiving the death penalty since America was colonized, following the lead of its mother England that once executed an 8-year-old boy convicted of arson and a 7-year-old for petty theft. The earliest recorded execution of an American juvenile occurred in 1642, when 16-year-old Thomas Granger of Plymouth Colony was hanged after he was discovered to have had s*xual encounters with a cow, a mare, two goats, five sheep, two calves and a turkey. Between Granger’s execution and 1972, the United States executed 344 juveniles, including at least 39 between the ages of 10 and 15 at the time of their crimes.
Here are 5 of the Youngest Children Sentenced to Death.

5. Hena Akhter, Age 14 – Killed For Being R*ped

Villagers in Bangladesh’s Shariaptur district convicted the young teenager of adultery in 2011, claiming Hena was guilty of having an affair with a married man; although her family insisted she was r*ped by the man in question. She was sentenced to 101 lashes to be delivered in public.
Although not a death sentence, the lashes were more than the child could withstand, and she collapsed after the first 70, dying in a hospital a week later. She proclaimed her innocence until the bitter end. Strangely enough, according to her initial autopsy report, Hena suffered no injuries and her death was deemed a suicide.

4. Michael and Ann Hammond, Ages 7 and 11 – Stole Loaf Of Bread

Some juvenile death sentences are nothing more than unnecessary brutality no matter who you talk to. Considered to be the youngest person ever executed in Great Britain, Michael Hammond was just 7 years old when he and his sister were hanged in 1708.
Their crime? Stealing a loaf of bread. The execution was noted in author William Richards’ “The History of Lynn,” where it was called “unusual and excessive rigor on the part of the magistrates in the infliction of capital punishment.”

3. John Dean, Age 8 – Set Fire To Barns

Described in court documents as “an infant between eight and nine years,” John Dean was executed for arson in 1629 England. Dean was convicted of setting fire to two barns in the town of Windsor and was ultimately hanged. Not only was the young age of the felon significant, also noteworthy was his one-day indictment, arraignment, trial and conviction – even though records make no mention of the fires causing any death or injury. Sadly for John, the judge found the child had acted with “malice, revenge, craft and cunning.” England’s law of the time established the age of criminal responsibility was just 7 years old. Eventually, that age was raised to 8, where it remained until 1963 when it was raised to 10.

2. Fortune Ferguson, Age 13 – R*pist Sentenced To Death

Before 1977’s Coker v. Georgia decision, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the death penalty to be “excessive punishment” for the crime of rape and hence unconstitutional under the Eighth Amendment, convicted r*pists were rather commonly executed, including 13-year-old Fortune Ferguson in 1927. The youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th century, Ferguson, an African-American child from Florida, was charged with and convicted of r*ping an 8-year-old in 1925. He was later electrocuted.

1. George Stinney Jr., Age 14 – Electrocuted For Murder

In 1944, 14-year-old George Stinney Jr., an African-American child from South Carolina, was sentenced to death for killing two young girls. He was accused of the murder after the girls’ bodies were discovered, having violently been beaten to death with a railroad spike. Stinney had been seen the prior day picking flowers with the victims. Only after police separated the child from his parents and heavily interrogated him did the teen admit to the crime. An unfortunate sign of the times, he was found guilty by an all-male, all-white jury after a trial of less than a day and just 10 minutes of deliberation.
He was denied an appeal and sentenced to die by electrocution. At the time of his execution, witnesses noted that Stinney’s small stature required him to sit on a phone book to fit in the electric chair. Unbelievably, his conviction was overturned in late 2014 when Judge Carmen Mullins ruled the boy was not properly defended by his attorney, and his confession was likely coerced by police, citing the total lack of physical evidence and an alibi. Mullins also labeled the execution of a 14-year-old boy as cruel and unusual punishment. Unfortunately for Stinney and his family, her ruling was 70 years too late.
by Samantha Lile

Many girls may assume that guys are fickle and have a low interest span. But in reality, guys are no different from girls when it comes to staying happy in a relationship. Guys, just like girls, love novelty.
And they always want to be with a girl who’s desirable, and one that’s envied by other girls and desired by other guys. Do you want to be that girl?

How to keep a guy interested

To keep a guy interested in you, you just need to remember a few ways to keep his interest aroused and his desire in you peaked.
Here are 10 s*xy ways to do just that!
Use these tips on how to keep a guy interested in you, and you’d see how easy it can be to make him want you all the time.

#1 Be spontaneous

Shock him, awe him, make plans for the evening or plan an entire elaborate date by yourself. Surprise him and never be too predictable.

#2 Don’t change yourself.

Stay true to the real person that you are. Don’t change yourself constantly assuming he doesn’t like your personality. Be creative, but stick to your comfort zone.

#3 Take initiatives in bed

Your guy may like taking control in bed, but when you dominate him and show off your confidence, he can’t help but be awed by your confidence and s*xiness in bed.

#4 Smell great all the time.

Always smell great around him but don’t overpower subtle fragrances with sickly sweet perfumes though. Always smell good, and pay special attention to your personal hygiene and body odor.

#5 Awe his friends.

Men are competitive. As long as he thinks he has the best girl in his social circle, he’ll always cling to you and want to be with you. Awe his friends and make them think you’re a great girl, and you’ve done a great job.

#6 Learn to seduce him.

Seduction doesn’t stop in bed. Be s*xy around him and be creative wherever you go.

#7 Show interest in his hobbies.

A guy would absolutely love a girl who shows interest in his special hobbies, be it playing on his Xbox or climbing a mountain. Men want to spend their lives with a woman who truly understands them and connects to them.

#8 Don’t be a drama queen.

It’s alright to throw a fussy fit now and then if your guy disrespects you. But no matter what, don’t exaggerate a situation or blow it out of proportion just to prove a point. Guys can see through the acts of even the best drama queens.

#9 Be his shoulder to lean on.

Give him your strength and support when he’s low on morale. Reassure him and help him confide his problems to you. Be his confidant and his warm pillow when he’s in the dumps and he’ll treat you like a goddess.

#10 Be his arm candy.

Look good in his arms when both of you are together. Get a new hairstyle now and then, look fashionable and classy and he’ll never want you to leave his arms.

In a world were every Nigerian celeb wants to live in a posh like environment especially in Lekki, there are still some who prefer or have refused to join their colleagues by joining the band wagon and moving to Lekki.
These celebrities have the money but have decided to just leave Lekki behind and focus on other things. Lol
Join us as we look at Nigerian celebrities that left the ‘great Lekki’ for somewhere else:

1. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

Yes! This Nollywood hot cake is amongst the few celebrities living the life on the mainland. With the kind of money she has, everyone wonders why the actress lives in a simple neighbourhood in the lowly Iyana-Oba area of the metropolis along with the rest of her family.
But Omotola seems proud about where she stays and that’s all that matters!

2. Remimisce

The Alaga Ibile himself! Reminisce is another act that has refused to move to Lekki. The Times magazine world rappers to know recently completed his mansion in Ikorodu and has no plans of moving to Lekki anytime soon.

3. Toyin Abraham

Yoruba actress, Toyin Abraham hasn’t joined the list of celebrities moving to Lekki. Infact! The actress claims she still lives in a flat.

With fame, money and power comes arrogance for many celebrities but some have been able to keep it real both to themselves and their fans. On this list we present to you, a quick run down of three humble celebrities in Nigeria:

3. Sound Sultan:

Considered one of the most humble and kind celebrity even by fellow colleagues, he received a shout out recently from Peter Okoye of the P-Square brothers who thanked him for giving the P Square duo an unforgettable opportunity in a lifetime.
In an interview with Punch, the artiste himself went on to reveal that humility is one of the ways he has been able to maintain a successful career.

2. Chidinma Ekile

Despite the fact that she is balling now; she is still the humble girl from her days of being in the music academy Chidinma is definitely not the same girl that won Project Fame West Africa back in 2010 but one thing is for sure.

1. Don Jazzy:

Ace music producer Don Jazzy was ranked as the second most bankable artiste in Africa in 2013 by Forbes Africa and Channel O coming in behind Akon. This list puts him as the most bankable artiste in Nigeria but despite his fame and wealth, the Mavin Records boss has been able to maintain a humble profile.
Known to be very active on social media, he commands a large followership and is constantly communicating with the fans that have helped contributed to his success.

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