“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another. ”
When a major Sporting event is fast approaching, the talking points among spectators and sport analyst is records set and broken by past athlete who have participated in such tournaments. The major stars or athlete; people look forward to are those that have performed consistently over the years or upcoming athlete whom performance speaks volume.

One of my favorite musical lyrics was composed by Beautiful Nubia whom I often refer to as the “prophet” due to the prophetic lyrics that fills his songs and that famous lyrics goes thus; “Children we must learn and you must never forget, The past is full of heroes from whom we can learn And real lessons to guide us today, many stories to make us proud too”. The song is actually an eye opener to the way youth or children should learn to pattern their lives, simply implying that the actions to be taken or words to be spoken must be patterned after certain people and when we decide to chart a new course, certain ethics must be considered.

It’s funny how youth of this days are clamoring to be in position of leadership and castigating people that have ruled in the past, but have forgotten that leadership starts from somewhere, some have been saddled with the responsibility of leadership at school level and have performed woefully. Someone who is not accountable and responsible at the level of class representative is castigating a state governor ‘kettle calling the pot black’.

I think it’s high time we began to have a redefinition of leadership or life generally, an average  “@21st century youth” want the honour associated to a position of leadership but are not ready to bear the burden or task associated with positions. Gone are the days when service and hard work is the key to getting wealthy, people are dedicated in building a career, but reverse is the case among the youth of this present dispensation, as get rich schemes have become the order of the day. We now have ladies giving testimony in church or even praying loudly for a ‘’God fearing Yahoo buy”.

We need to trace back our steps and make “purposeful leadership, Honesty, True service and Unity” our watchword.

(Boboye Adeyemi is a Blogger, Accomplished Freelance Writer, Web Designer and Public Affairs Analyst)


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