January 2017

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another. ”
When a major Sporting event is fast approaching, the talking points among spectators and sport analyst is records set and broken by past athlete who have participated in such tournaments. The major stars or athlete; people look forward to are those that have performed consistently over the years or upcoming athlete whom performance speaks volume.

One of my favorite musical lyrics was composed by Beautiful Nubia whom I often refer to as the “prophet” due to the prophetic lyrics that fills his songs and that famous lyrics goes thus; “Children we must learn and you must never forget, The past is full of heroes from whom we can learn And real lessons to guide us today, many stories to make us proud too”. The song is actually an eye opener to the way youth or children should learn to pattern their lives, simply implying that the actions to be taken or words to be spoken must be patterned after certain people and when we decide to chart a new course, certain ethics must be considered.

It’s funny how youth of this days are clamoring to be in position of leadership and castigating people that have ruled in the past, but have forgotten that leadership starts from somewhere, some have been saddled with the responsibility of leadership at school level and have performed woefully. Someone who is not accountable and responsible at the level of class representative is castigating a state governor ‘kettle calling the pot black’.

I think it’s high time we began to have a redefinition of leadership or life generally, an average  “@21st century youth” want the honour associated to a position of leadership but are not ready to bear the burden or task associated with positions. Gone are the days when service and hard work is the key to getting wealthy, people are dedicated in building a career, but reverse is the case among the youth of this present dispensation, as get rich schemes have become the order of the day. We now have ladies giving testimony in church or even praying loudly for a ‘’God fearing Yahoo buy”.

We need to trace back our steps and make “purposeful leadership, Honesty, True service and Unity” our watchword.

(Boboye Adeyemi is a Blogger, Accomplished Freelance Writer, Web Designer and Public Affairs Analyst)

Historically, past union leaders have contributed so much in the defense of our common heritage, some of these leaders contributed at the expense of their academics, some were suspended thereby graduating after their colleagues have long graduated, and some were killed in the process of defending our common heritage (Afrika and others)...‎

It is however barbaric and disheartening that the sacrifices paid by these past leaders is gradually losing its effect on our collective existence. *The current crop of union leaders have utterly failed in creating any social, political or educational movements in the country...*‎

Unfortunately almost everything that our past union leaders fought against is what we have on our campus today, the welfare condition on campus is deplorable, unnecessary increment in tuition fees and other national issues that our past union leaders stood against...

I understand very clearly that there are prerequisites which have to be met in order for our struggle to proceed on the correct path to liberation for ourselves and other oppressed people in the society. Our union is rich with a firm ideological foundation which provides us with the power to stand firm against attacks from the oppressors and put us in a position to deal with ideological revisionists and dogmatists...

Our union ideological strength serves as the most important weapon in our struggle to eliminate the evils of anti-masses policies and organizational hangs-ups within our ranks of people. This ideological foundation provides not just Great Ife students but the general masses with a guide to judge us as we move among them with implementation of our programs...

Unfortunately, the current Students’ Union leaders we have had in recent times have no straightforward venue in which to emphasize and articulate their political idealism at this time. This trend is due to the structural relationship student politics has with mainstream politics. Union leaders are now busy seeking for cheap favors from corrupt politicians rather than coming up with positions and policies that promote, defend and facilitate the interest of the oppressed...

Great Ife Students Union over the years until recently have been the vanguard of students’ unionism in the country, setting the pace for other student’s bodies to follow. Therefore, if Great Ife Students’ Union dies unionism dies in Nigeria...

Meanwhile, considering the rebranding project, it is important for all of us to take core cognizance of the fact that there is nowhere in the world where democratic political system is practised that the constitution is left unattended to, the constitution of any country or organization is the bedrock upon which the country or organization operates. So therefore, the need to amend or review is taken very seriously so as to get in contact with the changing economic and political realities...‎

Unfortunately the OAU Students’ Union constitution was last amended over 20years and this has created a great disparity between the constitution, and the political and economic realities on our campus. Thus, there is an immediate need to amend Great Ife constitution to suit the realities on our campus. The constitution is the foundation of our collective existence and it must be taken very serious...

Also, under the rebranding project, the welfare and wellbeing of the generality of Great Ife students will be the top priority of our ideals because that is the real essence of the union. Any union that fails to take into immense consideration the welfare and the wellbeing of its member is no longer a union but a gathering of selfish people. We must not tolerate any form inhuman treatment by the university management and the Nigerian government...

Over time, most especially in recent times, our Union has embarked on so many struggles that has resulted into an exercise in futility because those things that we fought against are still living with us under this present realities on campus. *The effort and strategies deployed by recent past leaders has shown that our union is not updated...*

Researches have shown that it is only a fool that uses the same tactics and strategies and expect a different result. The university management over the years has reviewed our tactics and discovered strategies to not just frustrate our struggles but to also kill the struggle by suspending the students’ union activities and suspending students' union leaders. Thereby shutting down the university and the problems we fight against still being with us after spending months at home, amounting to waste of our precious time and begging for reopening...

The rebranding project will focus on means to overhaul this long aged strategies by institutionalizing the Union activities and dealing with viable institutions that enhances fundamental human rights in the society which in the end will force the management to our own terms. This ‘rebranding’ project will be proactive in nature and not reactive...‎

We must focus more on modern age strategies to enhance proper welfare for the generality of Great Ife students, though the traditional 3C’s (consultations, consolidation and confrontation) are still very much viable and it will be deployed in a much more rebranded format to suit the current realities. There might be need to confront but before that option of last resort is employed, I strongly believe the ‘rebranding’ strategies would have yielded the needed result, thereby giving no room for physical confrontation and no reason to have the university shut down during the rebranding tenure...‎

However, it is important to note that our Union is not a coward and must not be seen as such, but as a union it is important to do things differently considering the changing realities on our campus. *I strongly belief that the ‘rebranding project’ is the answer.

We must all know that excellence is a quality of being outstanding; it is not a trait, hence it cannot be inherited.

There is no one way of achieving excellence academically; it is how you apply the principles governing it that determines the outcome, like the saying goes success is like science if you have the conditions you have the results. So excellence comes with a price, only those who understand its worth can pay for it. If we do not set an achievable target for ourselves and work towards its attainment with labour and sweat we will discover very late that we are studying aimlessly...

We must all be ambitious and always aspire to be the best because we deserve it; we must not settle for less but we must try to beat every record set by men and set by ourselves...

We believe in ourselves, set our plans and develop strategies to accomplish them. We must set targets academically this semester and go for it with outright and stubborn determination, violent enthusiasm and fervent optimism...‎

Time is a free but non-renewable resource, so spend each moment wisely.

Together, we can rebrand the students' union to serve and work for us...
PRESiding over the students' union with you...

Oyekan Ibukun Edward


A 19 year old man, Yasaa Iba, resident of Atebubu in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana has landed in trouble after he allegedly impregnated a goat in the area.

Speaking about the incident, the owner of the pregnant goat, Kwabena Nindoo and residents revealed that they caught the man red-handed having s _ex with the goat before he fled leaving behind his bicycle.

Adom Online revealed that the man said he was certain the Iba impregnated the goat after he intentionally kept it in a safe place and never saw any goat coming near it until he realized that the animal had taken seed.

“After he R _aped my goat I kept my animal very safe, I didn’t want it to mingle with the other goats because of the agony it had suffered.

"No goat came near it in the period it was under my watch and so I have no doubt that it was Yasaa who has impregnated my goat.” Mr Nindoo who was angry about the despicable act has made an official report to the Police and the Chief of the area about the matter.

The Chief and his elders who have taken the issue not lying down have set today (Friday) to sit on the matter and determine what action will be taken against Yasaa, if he’s found guilty.

Manchester United hero David Beckham has revealed he made ‘mistakes’ in his ‘difficult’ marriage to his stunning wife, Victoria.

The former Red Devils star took time to discuss details of his marriage to the fashion icon which has produced four children, dismissing rumours about the power couple relationship.

Beckham disclosed on a radio show: “We all know marriage is difficult at times and it’s about working through it.

“We know each other better than anyone knows us.

“We’ve got strong parents – we were brought up with the right values.
“Of course you make mistakes over the years.

“Whenever we’ve come through tough times we talk.”

We stay together because we love each other - we stay together because we have four amazing children.”


Arsenal have joined the race to sign Atletico Madrid superstar Antoine Greizmann, according to reports.

The French forward has been linked with a move to the Old Trafford as the Red Devils view him as a potential replacement for Wayne Rooney who could leave the club at the end of the season.

Prior reports even had it that United have held talks with his representatives in a bid to thrash out a summer move.

However, reports in the Mail online claim that the Gunners have also joined in the pursuit of Greizmann and are ready to battle Manchester United for his signature, as they look for possible replacements for Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil who have continued to stall on renewing their contracts at the Emirates.

Atletico boss Diego Simeone has earlier hinted that he will not stand in the way of the 25-year-old if he decides to leave despite Greizmann insisting he is going nowhere.

There are reports that the La Liga side are ready to cash in on the Frenchman for a whopping £85 million in the next summer window and might move for Arsenal contract rebel, Sanchez as a viable replacement for Greizmann.

Mrs Stella Ezinne Ike, the mother of  the four-month-old baby boy allegedly kidnapped by a police corporal, Uche Odoemena, has narrated how the incident happened.

Ike claimed that the policeman, popularly known as Prince, snatched her baby at gun point in front of her husband. She also said a lady aided Prince while he carried out the act.

According to her, the police corporal, who was reportedly dismissed after he was arrested and tried in the police orderly room and said to have been remanded in prison, allegedly sold the baby to Mercy Home Orphanage in Owerri, the state capital.

She explained that on December 21 2016, a lady, who came in an unregistered car, approached her and her husband to ask for direction and they obliged her.

In her explanation, other residents took notice of the lady and the unregistered car and stayed vigilant though she later left. The elated mother explained further that at 2am on December 22, 2016, they were awoken from sleep when Prince allegedly forced their door open in company of the same girl and forced everyone to lie on their stomachs .

“The Policeman pointed a gun at me and my husband and  repeatedly asked the lady if my baby was the baby and she said yes. They just took her, entered the unregistered car and zoomed off,” she said.

She said that the girl was later arrested by the villagers and she named the police officer as her partner in crime. “During interrogation, they admitted that they stole my baby and gave him to the owner of Mercy Home, an Orphanage in Orji, Owerri for N600, 000.”

She said that the owner of Mercy Home said she rallied round for the money for fear that they may sell the baby to ritualists, and may cut short the life of the child. She said the police swung into action and were able to rescue her baby, which has been handed over to her and her husband.

Source: Punch

Alhaji Olola Kasum, A social commentator on Friday urged Nigerians, including politicians, to stop spreading false information on the health of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In an interview with Punch correspondent in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, he stated that instead, people should pray for Buhari’s quick recovery and that God should give him the capability to successfully address the myriads of problems confronting the nation.

He, however, said Buhari had not delivered on his promises of addressing hunger, economic challenges and improving the standard of living of the people.

Kasum said, “It is true that Buhari has not delivered on his promises because we have not felt his impact, but they put him there so that he will not be able to act. “Buhari has not performed but we contributed to it. Politicians created divisions. When you intentionally destabilise the electoral wheel to cage economic viability, how will the Federal Government function?


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticised his US counterpart Donald Trump on Saturday, saying now was “not the time to build walls between nations”.

“They have forgotten that the Berlin Wall collapsed many years ago. Even if there are walls between nations, they must be removed,” Rouhani said at a tourism convention in Tehran.

His remarks came after Trump ordered construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border and imposed tough new controls on travellers from seven Muslim countries, among them Iran.

Rouhani did not comment directly on the visa ban, but said Iran had “opened its doors” to foreign tourists since the signing of a nuclear agreement with world powers in 2015.

With more than a million Iranians living in the United States, many families are deeply concerned about the implications of Trump’s visa ban, which also affects citizens from Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

On Thursday, one of Iran’s most popular actresses said she would boycott next month’s Academy Awards in protest at the ban.

“Trump’s visa ban for Iranians is racist. Whether this will include a cultural event or not, I won’t attend the #AcademyAwards 2017,” tweeted Taraneh Alidoosti, who stars in the Oscar-nominated “The Salesman”.

No visas will be issued for migrants or visitors from the seven countries for at least 90 days, a restriction which can be extended if the countries in question do not provide extensive information on individuals seeking to enter the United States.

Quizzed on the street, many Iranians said they were baffled by the move.

“Americans themselves are mostly immigrants. To pick out a few countries and call them terrorist is not logical,” said Mohsen Najari, a 33-year-old resident of the Iranian capital.

Tehran and Washington have not had diplomatic ties since students stormed the US embassy in 1980 following an Islamic revolution that toppled the US-backed shah.

“It’s got nothing to do with terrorism. Iran and the US just don’t have good ties. The US has good relations with Saudi Arabia so it doesn’t matter how many terrorists come from Saudi Arabia,” said Sima, a 27-year-old.


The President had on Thursday, January 19, 2017,  left the country for London, for what the Presidency described as “a short leave.” Ibikunle Amosun, the Ogun State Governor, yesterday visited President Muhammadu Buhari in London

According to Punch, A statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, said the President would undergo “routine medical check-ups” during the vacation.

He is expected to resume work on February 6, 2017. However, an online report had recently claimed that the President was sick and had died in a London hospital where he was receiving medical attention. But the Presidency last Saturday said there was no truth in the report, stating that the President was alive.

This has led to several calls being made by Nigerians that the President should address the citizens from the UK to be assured of his fitness, including some top celebrities in Nigeria like 2Face, Olamide and other, who plans on protesting this February 5, 2017. Also, the Nigeria Labour Congress had intensified Nigerians’ calls that the President should speak to the citizens from the UK.

But the Presidency had insisted that Buhari could not be compelled to speak. Subsequently, in a bid to assure Nigerians that the President was hale and hearty, his Personal Assistant on New Media, Bashir Ahmad, on Friday evening tweeted a photo of Amosun meeting with the President.

“Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State visited President Buhari this evening in London,” he tweeted. The photo was originally tweeted by the United Kingdom’s branch of the All Progressives Congress and was retweeted by the spokesperson for the President on Media & Publicity, Garba Shehu.

The photo also showed two other guests with the President as seen above.

2016 has been a successful year for World famous Sensational Disk Jockey ‘’DJ KAYWISE’’ after the successful release of his Street Banging Song titled CARO featuring Industry’s  Finest Tekno & Falz, this January 28th 2017, Dj Kaywise Present JOOR CONCERT Season II.

Joor Concert is one of the biggest music showin Lagos State with over 15,000 fan followers on the Mainland also reaching out to many youths, both male and female via Social Media Television and Radio Stations.

This time around Dj kaywise is featuring more of all your favorite Artist and DJ’s Inclusive so there is gonna be a Massive Turn up so y’all be there with your Dancing shoes and good vibes.

AND Many More...


Gate Fee : A Dj Kaywise Mixtape

VENUE: 1-5 Shasha Road after Diamond Bank Akowonjo Roundabout Shasha egbeda Lagos

Date: 28th Jan 2017

Time: 6pm

For Sponsorship And Inquiries Pls call : 08087527948


2017 is looking like a good year for new upcoming artistes as we see a lot getting signed into different camps from Youngsix of Kash Kamp Trick Billionaire Musiq welcoming two new acts, to Tinny signing a female rapper got us wondering. So we thought to ask will Cleo Thelma (HEADGURLOFTHENEWsch) fit into a Davido Music Worldwide clan?


A rooster has been put behind bars at a jail in Honduras. The bird was incarcerated after its owner got into a row with another man in the city of Trujillo in the northern Honduran department of Colon.

According to the unnamed man, the rooster had broken into his field, climbed trees and disturbed him with its loud cries. When he warned he would stop the cockerel making the noise by force, its owner reportedly threatened him: "If you kick the rooster I will kill you."


An angry argument ensued and neighbours called police, fearing the men were about to hurt or even kill each other. Cunning officials who responded to the call decided to send the rooster to jail, because it was he who had caused the problem, promising to free him only when the men reached an agreement.

Report has it that initiator of MMM Nigeria 'flees' with wife.

According to The Cable:

Mr. Chuddy Ugorji, the initiator of the Nigerian faction of the mavrodi mondial moneybox ponzi scheme (MMM) has fled the country with his wife, Amaka.

Unconfirmed report says the MMM Number one Guider has absconded and relocated to Philippines.

He fled the country when many investors were awaiting anxiously to be paid back their money with the agreed interest.

Viral genocide video: Avoid Libya or get killed, Abike Dabiri tells intending Nigerian migrants Abike Dabiri-Erewa, senior special assistant to the president on foreign affairs and diaspora, has warned Nigerian migrants against travelling to Libya, saying the penalty, when caught, is death. 

Dabiri-Erewa made the warning in a statement she issued on Monday, following the emergence of videos and photographs of Nigerians being killed in the North African country.

“The attention of the office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora has been drawn to a video and pictures being circulated on the purported killing of black immigrants in Libya,” she said.

“While the authenticity of the pictures and tapes in question cannot be verified, it is a known fact that Libya has been executing alleged black illegal immigrants for years.

“As the Chairman Committee on Diaspora in the House of Representatives in the Seventh Assembly, we intervened in the case of 24 Nigerians about to be killed in Libya.”

As at two months ago, NEMA, alongside the Nigerian Embassy in Libya, evacuated over 2000 Nigerians from Libya,” she said.

“The Nigerian embassy in Libya, working with NEMA, has relentlessly intervened in cases involving Nigerians in trouble in Libya and will continue to do so. Libyans are dealing with their own struggles as there is no recognised government in place.

The office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora hereby appeals again to Nigerian migrants to avoid Libya as penalty for illegal migration to Libya, when caught, is usually a death sentence.”

Congratulation to a prolific producer, who has been producing music but currently produced a bouncing baby boy, Ogunade Idowu Oluwafemi popularly known as ID Cabasa.

A very reliable source told Gistlocker TV about the great news. The naming ceremony is to take place this weekend at the veteran home at Opic, very close to Channels television. 

Stay glue as Gistlocker brings you updates on Friday.

The head of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, FRC, Jim Obazee, has been sacked by Pres. Buhari. His sack comes about 48 hours after implementation of his agency’s law led to the exit of Nigeria’s most influential Christian cleric, Enoch Adeboye.

Adeboye resigned as the G.O of RCCG in Nigeria on Saturday, but retained oversight of the global arm of the church. The FRC rule is established by the Financial Reporting Council, Nigeria, Act No 6, 2011.

The Governance Code of 2016 put in place by the agency to implement the Act encompasses three sectors: the private, the public and not-for-profit. ‎

It is the not-for-profit sector, sometimes referred to as the Benevolent Sector, the Third Sector or the Civil Society Sector, that religious bodies fall under. Section 9.1. of the code states that “The Founder or Leader of a NFPO occupies a special position in the Organisation and is committed to the success and longevity of the NFPO.”

Accordingly, a founder or leader should not take on too many responsibilities in the organisation or have an indefinite term in the running of the organisation, and is expected to not stay in office for more than 20 years.

On the day Mr. Adeboye’s exit was announced by the church, the cleric criticised the meddling of government in church matters. “The government has been showing increasing interest in church affairs. Unfortunately, for us in RCCG, it might not be very helpful,” he said.

Pres. Buhari announced the sack of the FRC boss in a statement by his spokesperson, Garba Shehu. Mr. Obazee is to be replaced by Daniel Asapokhai while a new board, headed by Adedotun Sulaiman was also constituted for the agency. No official reason was given for his sack.

Source: Instablog 9ja

A young man residing in Awka, Chinonso Ikezulumba, won N10million in an ongoing Airtel promo and fainted during the cheque presentation.

According to Joseph Akelicious who shared the story, yesterday when Chinonso was invited to the firm's Awka office to pick up his cheque, he thought everything was just 'story' until the Airtel guys brought out both the dummy and real cheque. Chinonso fainted but came to after some minutes.

He said that he is a petty fashion goods trader at Nnewi but that his business has since collapsed. He had prayed to God over the Christmas to give him N10M to start his business again and just like that, the money came via Airtel promo.

He was accompanied to the Airtel office by his mother and two sisters and said he plans to get married in May, and that he had already planned it before the Airtel windfall.

Video Vixens Are Not whores, They Are Better Than Nollywood Actors -- Director Clarence Peters

Most people still see video vixens as high class prostitutes simply because they are often scantily dressed in music videos they appear in and this notion has sparked a rant from one of Naija finest directors

Award winning video director Clarence Peters has taken steps to set the records straight on that and speaks out against this.

Clarence who is the love child of popular musician Shina Peters and actress Clarion Chukwurah says that most of the vixen understand how to act than most Nollywood actors.

The ace director who works with vixens daily due to his line of work says its unfair to regard them as hoes.

In his recent interview with Planet TV, Clarence Peters said video vixens understand camera work more than 80% of actors working presently.

And even though he cannot speak for individuals, calling them hoes is completely uncalled for.

The Nigerian Police have arrested four suspected kidnappers and rapists in Bauchi state. The State police command spokesperson, SP Haruna Mohammed, the suspects allegedly stormed the residence of one Abubakar Mohammed, raped his wife and threatened to kidnap his mother.

"Complainant gave them Sum of N35,000 and pleaded with them not to kidnap his mother but they seized his motorcycle receipt as collateral pending when he pay outstanding ransom of N150,000‎," said Mohammed. .

The suspects arrested include; Bala Mohammed, Dauda Damina, Mohammed Ahmed and Dahiru Mato. They have allegedly confessed to the crime.

Member of the U.S. Army Honor Guard faints in front of Barack Obama during his farewell speech

The guard member was pictured lying crumpled on the floor next to the feet his fellow service members in Arlington, Virginia on Wednesday, as Obama addressed the armed services at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall where he was giving his final salute before he leaves office.

It is not clear what happened to the guard.

105-year-old Frenchman, Robert Marchand, has set a new one-hour cycling record for his age after pedalling for 22.547 kilometres in the national velodrome in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

Age is slowing him though as three years ago the retired firefighter, boxer and former national gymnastics champion, managed to ride 26.927 km in one hour, a record for someone aged over 100.

By comparison, the one-hour world record is 54.526 km, set by British Tour de France winner and multiple Olympic gold medallist Bradley Wiggins.

Source: Guardian

“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”
― Steve Maraboli

I consider it appropriate to begin this piece with a sincere appreciation to Almighty God, the one who never fails, for His protection, love and unquantifiable mercies. To all of us alive at this moment, I believe this period and season is another time to reflect, reminisce and take a look backward to where we started from and then draw a new plan for the time ahead.

No doubt, 2016 was really the toughest year for some homes. It was the year we experienced much more failed political promises with no deep sense of remorsefulness from the government. It was a year that took us through different roads of difficulties, political anxieties coupled with economic recession that took a more prominent turn in the third quarter of the year. Many, who couldn’t cope, gave up. Well over 1.7 million jobs were lost, according to National Bureau of Statistics; among other monsters that terrorized our collective happiness in the year past.

 Today, some old married men cannot even boost of a thousand naira in their accounts. Several children are out there with torn clothes tied around their bodies. I see your discomfort and I share your pain but I know at the end, there will a great joy. There will be light at the end of tunnel. A moment of happiness is closer and we shall all have reasons to rejoice.

 To my colleagues in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, I’m glad to see you celebrate this New Year in soundness of health and peacefulness of heart. 2016 was indeed a year a lot would pray never to witness anymore due to umpteenth unpleasant occurrences that bedecked the year. Incessant industrial actions, power tussle from within the university management; lose of students to the cold hands of death, and many more. We saw so much and we heard so much. The rivalry between the left and the right that nearly drove us into anarchy was another case; the allegations, blames, faculty elections, and most especially the leadership election that nearly caused a break-apart in our union almost disintegrate our brotherhood. But thank God for the altruistic attitude of our leaders who maintained that no personal interests superseded our collective interest and common goal. These men and women of valor stood strong and resolute to protect our union despite the obvious false- start and seemingly unreconcilable political imbroglio. Thanks to our leaders!

 However, this year can be much better and more profitable than the previous when we all do the right thing. The right thing is to obey the law of common sense and embrace handwork. The right thing is to pursue your goals with no harm intended for your fellow human being. It is the right thing for our leaders to make sound decisions without any disregard to our sacrosanct constitution.

Effort should be made by all relevant stakeholders in the forth-coming election to ensure sanity is restored to our polity. Rigging or any form of electoral malpractices should be vehemently discouraged. We shouldn’t compromise standard for either pay or praise.

In conclusion, it must be reiterated at this juncture that utopia we seek from others can be created by us. As youths and students, we are the hope of this nation. We are the ones the world awaits for the emancipation of the chained, the freedom of the voiceless and libration of the oppressed. We must begin to practice the principles of ideal governance. We must allow the newness of the year to inject us with fresh insights to nascent opportunities around. Let us preach love, practice it and bequeath it to our generations to come.

I wish you a Happy New Year!
 you enjoy the blessings inherent in the new season, I love you all.

Okediji Simon (ZUMA)

Okediji Simon is a public speaker, certified human resource manager, avid researcher in areas of journalism and public relations and accomplished freelancer.  You can reach him on 09080424239 or you simply mail him using okedijisimon@gmail.com

Falz is a Nigerian rapper who has won the heart of many Nigerians with his music and comedy skits. The 26-year-old Nigerian law school graduate began his music career in 2009 but shot into lime light after the release of his hit single "Ello bae"

The rapper has many collaborated tracks with the vocalist and singer Simi and it was said that the two were in a relationship because of their chemistry. However it seems the relationship went sour and it was obvious when he gave her silent treatment at the Headies award show.

According to online reports, Falz who appears to have moved on was recently seen at Funke Akindele's house warming party with his new girlfriend. To prove their relationship, he uploaded a video on his snap featuring Project fame winner Chidinma Ekile.

He captioned the video "the actual bae" meaning the real girlfriend and pecked the singer passionately on her head. Chidinma smiled softly to her boyfriend. Congrats to both of them.

Tiwa Savage, and her  husband, Tunji Balogun aka Teebillz are back in each other’s arms. It will be recalled that the once lovey-dovey couple washed their dirty linen in public sometime in April 2016, when the couple fell out big time.

Teebillz, who claimed to be the brains behind Tiwa’s music fortunes, accused the singer of cheating on him with several artistes including Don Jazzy, 2face and Dr. Sid. He also blamed Tiwa’s mum for fuelling the crisis in their marriage.

Tiwa did not just debunk the allegations, she also accused of Teebillz of being a habitual user of drugs , stealing her money and engaging in extra-marital affairs. However,it seems the couple has finally put the squabble behind them.

According to a source close to the couple, family members from both sides have intervened in the dispute and have successfully brought about reconciliation. The hitherto estranged lovebirds have now buried the hatchet but not before Teebillz travelled out of the country where he underwent rehabilitation to help with his drug addiction. He returned to the country recently, and has been spending time with his son, Jamal. Also, he and Tiwa are back to living together.

At media personality,  Stephanie Coker and Olumide Aderinokun’s wedding, Tiwa and Teebillz  were the centre of attention.Their first public appearance together since their well-publicised break-up, the duo only had eyes for each other. A besotted Teebillz could not keep his hands away from his wife’s waist.

A source told PUNCH that the couple had been advised to keep their relationship off social media, and from the prying eyes of third parties.

It was also learnt that while the couple was apart, Tiwa, reportedly purchased a house in Jos, Plateau State, where she went to cool off, at the peak of her marriage crisis. She fell in love with the cold and cosy environment in Jos and shelled out several millions of naira to purchase a house in a highbrow area of the Tin City.

Source: Punch

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