Whenever I think about the word  'CORRUPTION' what comes to my mind is the word 'CANCER' They are both the same. Whenever they find their ways into any system, if it's not quickly detected and tackled head-on, that system would be ravaged and ultimately obliterated.

CORRUPTION is the CANCER that have done unimaginable damage to this our country. It has eaten so deeply into the system. And I daresay, any Leader who intend to clean up the system must not be afraid to rock the boat. A leaders who really mean well for Nigeria must be ready to shake-up the bad system from the root, possibly step on toes and make his presence felt for the right reasons. Maintaining a corrupt status quo for fear of loosing your office or popularity is simply an act of cowardice.

When a leader takes RISKS, some mighty invincible forces always come to his aid. A bold leader knows that desperate situations requires desperate solutions. So I am glad that for the first time, we have a president who have decided to act outside the box. Infact, I wish he can throw the box away completely, so we can have a fresh start.

That's quite unprecedented and I support the actions. No corrupt-wig-wearing-judge or government official should come and preach RULE OF LAW to me. There's no part of our LAWS that provides for CASH AND CARRY justices, neither is there any part of our laws that grants public servants impious access to our public till.

Therefore when you abuse your office, You are simply abusing the RULE OF LAW, and YOU must be ready to dance to the music.

My number one reason for voting for President Buhari is to fight against the cancer called CORRUPTION that has gradually eaten up the moral fabrics upon which our country was built. So I am fully in support of this recent crackdown on some thieving juries who have turned our temple of justice into temple of absurdity where justices are bought with money at the detriment of the overall good of our country.

Well-done President Buhari, Please don't drop the sticks until the whole snakes are confirmed dead. We must become deliberate about building a country that will be respected globally and valued locally.

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