July 2016

Being healthy remains the most important thing every human being should be after in life. And when it comes to cholesterol levels, it required constant checking before it becomes a problem. Average of every human being can have an unhealthy cholesterol level. Fact is, one in every five people has high cholesterol. It’s a very common challenge and, in many cases, its inherited.

So when was the last time you got your cholesterol level checked? High cholesterol levels lead to various heart diseases and can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening. Cardiologists suggests one to have their cholesterol levels checked every five years.

It is also not very difficult to control the levels with some basic precautions. So, if you have a high cholesterol level, here are tips to help you bring it down.

Minimize meat eating: Do not take it as your primary meal. Absolutely avoid the fat of beef, pork, lamb, etc. You may also choose to have fish instead. Also, boiled, grilled or roasted meat contains much lesser fat than meat cooked in any other manner.

Deciding on snacks: Avoid high-fat snacks such as potato chips and most other bakery products. Instead, go for low-fat ones such as popcorn, dry fruits, etc.

Healthy desserts: Never opt for those high-fat, high-calorie desserts and ice-creams. Instead, go for a low-fat fruit smoothie or fruit cake, etc.

Oil in your food: While most vegetable oil contains unsaturated fat, palm and coconut oil is filled with highly saturated fat. Hence, avoid these two, and instead choose sunflower, soybean, olive, corn or safflower oil.

Moderate alcohol intake: If you are already an alcoholic, it is recommended that you take no more than one drink a day. It is beneficial, and can reduce the risk of any heart disease. That being said, if you aren’t already an alcoholic, do not opt to be one. The minimum benefits are definitely not worth it and it will only cause you harm.

Fruits and vegetables: Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nothing can be more healthy. It releases toxins in your body and keeps you fit.

Regular exercise: Exercising regularly will not only help to burn down the excess fat in your body, but also improve blood circulation and gift you with a healthier heart.

Professional advice: Even after three months of healthy eating if there is no change in your cholesterol level, it is time to consult a physician or dietitian. If that too doesn’t help, do not delay any longer and consult a doctor immediately and start medication.

Source: greennews

Oluwafemi Omorege popularly known as Fehmie Viper is an Ondo state born Rapper. He has been inclined to music from his secondary school days.

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