My Daughter Is Messing Around With Another Woman's Husband

Okay, I came across this and thought i should with you guys... happy reading :)

My daughter is 25 and has a good job. She’s been seeing a married man from her university days. I’ve told her over and over to end the relationship but she won’t. I’m tired of comforting her whenever he lets her down or changes their plan so he can be with his family.

He tells my daughter that he’s not happy at home, as his marriage is in name only. Yet in the years they’ve been together, he has had two more children with his wife.

He says he loves my daughter and would love her to have his children. I'm really worried for my girl. What kind of an arrangement is that for a young woman?

This man is 43, much older than she is, but she seems grateful just to have the odd night or weekend away with him.

Please help, I know my daughter deserves something better.

- Mrs Pauline, a worried mother, sent this message to Bunmi. Below is her reply to the girl's mother:

Dear Mrs Pauline,
Women in your daughter’s shoes delude themselves into believing that, no matter how highly improbable and unsatisfactory the proposition may be, their cheating married men will one day abandon their wives and children to be with them, or settle for the next thing by being single mothers.

What they fail to face is the fact that they have permitted themselves to become s*xual playthings of men who enjoy having a wife as well as a girlfriend, and who don’t wish to lose either.

Apart from letting your daughter know that she will not find self-respect or happiness while she continues to sleep with another woman’s husband, she would be denying this man’s family the love and affection that rightly belong to them.

If your daughter refuses to listen, short of telling this man’s wife about his affair so as to end his selfish game, all you could do is pray and wait for the affair to burn out with time.

If she decides to allow herself have a love child for the man, sorry, it's her decision.

No matter what, you'll be there when things come crashing around her if she fails to listen to wise counsel.

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