May 2015

Jumia, Nigeria's biggest online retailer, in collaboration with some of Nigeria's top mobile brands will be hosting the biggest mobile sales event of 2015 in the first week of June. The sales event tagged, the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon will offer consumers the best deals on mobile phones.

During the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon, which takes place from June 1 to June 7, 2015, consumers in Nigeria will get the best deals on mobile phones from brands like Innjoo, Infinix, Tecno, LG, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Wiko, and possibly many more brands.

Already, popular mobile brands in Nigeria like Samsung, Tecno, Innjoo, Infinix, and Wiko are lining up some of their newest smartphones for some very amazing deals on the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon.

Innjoo will be opening sales of the Innjoo Fire and Innjoo Max on the first day of the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon, while Tecno's music focused Tecno Boom J7 is expected to also feature very prominently during the event.

Infinix could also be offering a refresh of the Infinix Zero during the event, while Wiko's upcoming 4G branded smartphone is also expected to feature very prominently at the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon.

However, the event will not be complete without the mother of all smartphones in the duo of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

But, Samsung should not be too comfortable though as LG could be offering their latest flagship, the LG G4 at the mobile sales event. With LG G4's global launch scheduled for late May to early June, it likely that the flagship smartphone could be making its debut in Nigeria during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon.

During the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon, each partnering brand will have its special day of deals. Innjoo will be opening the event on Monday, June 1, while LG will be closing off the event with special mobile deals on Sunday, June 7.

Jumia has so much confidence in the mobile sales event that they promises it will even be bigger than the Jumia Black Friday sales.

The deals even gets sweeter. MTN Nigeria, a major sponsor of the event, will offer 3GB free data on any phone bought at the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon. MTN is also offering 6 months of WhatsApp access and one free month of music streaming on MTN Music.

For the first time in 800 years, a woman is about to be appointed as VC of Oxford University.
The University of Oxford is to appoint its first female vice-chancellor since its records began nearly 800 years ago, after Prof Louise Richardson was nominated for the university’s most senior office.

Richardson, currently the principal and vice-chancellor of St Andrews University, is an expert on the growth of terrorist movements.

She held a succession of high-profile positions at Harvard until she was appointed to lead St Andrews in 2009.

Students and staff hailed the nomination as a momentous event in Oxford’s history. Richardson, 56, told the Guardian she hoped her nomination would inspire current and potential female undergraduates. (UK Guardian)


Khloe Kardashian is currently in Dubai and she's staying in an underwater hotel - she's staying at the luxury aquarium suites at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai. She wakes up to sharks and stingrays in her bedroom. To some, this is a dream, to others, it will probably be a nightmare. It's quite an expensive suite as it was said to be about $8,000 a night. That's like N1.6m a night.

Accroding to information gathered, It's a three-storey suite that comes with 24-carat gold flaked soap, Dom Perignon Champagne for non-Muslim guests, a non-alcoholic sparkling date drink for Muslim guests, 1,776 square foot floor plan of living space and 24-hour private butler service.

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Delta state governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan has granted total pardon to 24 year old student, Moses Akatugba who was in November 2013 sentenced by an Asaba High Court to death by hanging for stealing three mobile phones and recharge cards.

Moses was charged to court after he and his robbery gang robbed a women of about N100k, phones, and recharge cards valued at over N100,000 in Delta state.

He was apprehended at the scene of the incident while other members of the gang escaped. After the verdict was handed by the presiding judge, the international community and local social crusaders launched a massive campaign for a state pardon for Solomon.

This wish was granted as Governor Uduaghan during his last Executive meeting at the government house, Asaba yesterday, 28th May. Not only did he grant Moses total pardon, he also commuted the death sentences of three others to various terms of imprisonment.

According to report, while receiving the handover notes from President Jonathan this morning, President-elect, Buhari said for stabilizing Nigeria's democracy, President Jonathan had earned a place in Nigeria's history

    "You have earned yourself a place in Nigeria's history for stabilizing our democracy. If you wanted to make things difficult, you could have but you didn't and for that, you have won the respect of world leaders" he said

Read full text below...

1. I  welcome you all to this occasion of the formal presentation of the Hand-over notes of my Administration to the in-coming Administration of the President-Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari.
2. This event and tomorrow’s inauguration of a new administration are truly historic as it is the first time in the history of our nation that we are witnessing the democratic and orderly transfer of power at the Federal level from one political party to another.

3.   The Hand-over notes which we now present, contain the governance philosophy, strategies, policies, programmes and activities of my Administration for the period - 2011-2015. Also to be found in the notes are the objectives, targets and implementation strategies, achievements and challenges of our key policies, schemes, initiatives as well as the status of commitments and liabilities of the various MDAs.
4.   As we hand over the affairs of the nation, it is appropriate to recall that at inception, in May 2011, we committed ourselves to consolidating national unity through democratization and good governance. Our assessment then, and our firm belief ever since, is that the unity of Nigeria, the security, well-being, greater freedoms and opportunities for all citizens must remain the primary objectives of government.
5.    The Agenda for National Transformation which we did our best to implement consisted of clear and consistent governance strategies, policies, plans, programmes and projects, in all facets of our national life. Emphasis was placed on human and state security, democratization, sound economic management, as well as structural and institutional reforms.

6.   Our foremost concern was the unity of Nigeria.  In keeping with that concern, we engineered a process that began with a review of issues outstanding from previous Constitutional Conferences by the Belgore Committee. After that, we widened political consultations through a National Dialogue that was orchestrated through the Okurounmu Committee. These culminated in the all-inclusive National Conference which unanimously reaffirmed that Nigeria must remain united and indivisible.

7.    The Conference also made resolutions and recommendations for serious constitutional, political and governance reforms, which we have forwarded to the National Assembly for appropriate legislative action. It is our hope that the incoming Government will accord the Report of the National Conference the very high priority that it deserves, as a genuine expression of the will of our people.

8.   The recognition that the starting point for good governance is the legitimacy of the government itself informed our commitment to promoting free and fair elections.
9.   It also motivated innovations in the management and conduct of elections which we undertook. Hopefully, in the years ahead, those innovations will be properly and fully implemented so that Nigerians will be even more assured of the integrity of the electoral system and the legitimacy of any government that it produces.

10.                                                           To strengthen the social contract between the government and the governed, we institutionalized the rule of law as well as the independence of the legislature and the judiciary.  We also promoted group and individual freedoms. As a result, there is vast expansion in democratic, social and economic space for all citizens.

11.Our nation and citizens faced many new challenges over the past four years but the greatest was the vastly increased menace of Boko Haram with their mindless terror, mass killings, utter ruthlessness, kidnapping of innocent children and other unspeakable acts of brutality.

12.                                                           We should all remember that Boko Haram’s emergence predated our administration going as far back as 2002. The group however became extremely malignant with the killing of its leader, Mohammed Yusuf in July 2009.

13.                                                           It therefore became an urgent task for us to effectively confront the great threat Boko Haram posed to the security and well-being of our people. To do so, we overhauled and virtually reinvented our security architecture to confront Boko Haram and its insurgency. We re-organized our security apparatus. We re-equipped and fully motivated our forces.

14.                                                           Victory is now in sight and within our reach. However, the cost in blood of citizens and heroes; and the diversion of national treasure from urgent needs for development have been very high. While more than 500 women and children have been rescued from the clutches of Boko Haram thus far by our security forces, it remains my sincere hope and prayer that our beloved daughters from Chibok will soon be reunited with us.

15.                                                           I wish to thank the Nigerian people for their resilience and patience. I also wish to pay very special and personal tribute to all the men and women of our valiant armed forces and security agencies. Their sacrifice and dedication have brought us thus far.
16.                                                           While striving to overcome our national security challenges, we still gave necessary attention to economic development. Our goal was to achieve long-term economic growth and stability, improve the quality and quantum of infrastructure and enhance human capital development.

17.                                                           Our financial system reforms included the Treasury Single Account [TSA] that unified the structure of government accounts for all MDAs and thereby brought order to cash flow management; and Government Integrated Financial Management Information System [GIFMIS] was introduced to plug leakages and waste of resources. The Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System [IPPIS] weeded out 60,450 ghost workers in 359 out of 425 MDAs, yielding N185.4 billion in savings to the Federal government.
18.                                                          Improved Revenue Mobilization was achieved through improvements in the laws and compliance measures. In 2013 alone, these measures resulted in a 69% rise in Federal tax revenues from N2.8 trillion to N4.8 trillion. Also, Waiver Policy and Trade Facilitation were reformed to create a more rational regime. Our emphasis shifted to granting waivers to specific sectors instead of individual companies and the Sovereign Wealth Fund was established to provide stabilization from external shocks, provide funding for critical infrastructure and savings for future generations.

19.                                                           Our Financial Sector reforms addressed the issues of inefficiencies in the coordination and monitoring of the financial system. Our policies promoted transparency, better risk management, new banking models and payment systems. We established the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria as a resolution mechanism for toxic banking assets. We strengthened banking supervision and enhanced public confidence in Nigerian Banks
20.                                                         Similarly, we undertook innovative reforms for job creation and repositioned the manufacturing, agriculture and housing sectors. Specifically, it was observed that over the years, job creation did not keep pace with economic growth. Thus unemployment, especially amongst the youth was assuming alarming dimensions.

21.                                                           To address this, my administration made job creation a key consideration for all programmes in the Transformation Agenda. Emphasis was also shifted towards empowering youths to become entrepreneurs rather than job seekers, through such initiatives as Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YOU-WIN), Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS), the SURE-P Technical Vocational Education and Training Programme (TVET) and the Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme (YEAP).

22.                                                         Manufacturing in Nigeria faces many challenges, including poor power supply, high cost of input, high cost of doing business, multiple taxation, poor infrastructure and lack of synergy with the labour market.  To address these problems, we launched several programmes and initiatives including the National Industrial Revolution Plan and a new National Automobile Policy designed to boost domestic car production and expand existing capacity. Since then, five new private vehicle assembly plants have been established.
23.                     Agriculture is critical to national survival and yet the sector was besieged with many problems. By year 2010, Nigeria was the second largest importer of food in the world, spending about N1.3 trillion on the importation of fish, rice and sugar alone.

24.                     The reforms we introduced in agriculture dramatically increased local production of staple food and saved us vast amounts of money that we would have spent on the importation of food items.

25.                      To address the glaring inadequacy of critical national infrastructure, we focused on the Power Sector, Roads, Railways, Aviation, Ports and Harbours as well as on Water and Sanitation, Information and Communication Technology.

26.       My government introduced the Power Sector Roadmap in 2010.  Since then, we have privatized the generation and distribution aspects in a most transparent process. Obstacles to the private sector investments in power supply were removed and we developed cost effective electricity tariff to make the sector more attractive. It remains our hope that the successor companies to PHCN and also the private sector will step forward with the necessary investment to make the power reform work.

27.        The major challenge in the road sector in Nigeria is the high cost of building roads and it continues to rise. The other challenge is the fact that because of regular use, roads are one of the fastest depreciating assets in developing countries.

28.       To address this, Government has developed the required legal and regulatory framework and created opportunities for Private Public Partnership (PPP) in road construction and maintenance.

29.       From Ore/Benin Road, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway to the Kano/Maiduguri dualisation projects, we made concerted efforts to address age-long problems of delays in construction, design defect, neglect and ineffective maintenance. The construction of the historic Second Niger Bridge has also commenced, and on completion, it will open new and far-reaching opportunities for greater trade and interaction among our people.

30.       In the Aviation Sector, our government developed a Master Plan to institutionalise safety and security, and to develop infrastructure at the airports and local airlines. We embarked on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of 22 airports nationwide. Construction work on five new international terminals in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano and Enugu are also on-going.

31.         There has been a revolution in rail transportation. We rehabilitated the old narrow gauge network and ensured that it has served our people steadily for three years running with new coaches and improved expanded services nationwide.

32.        We are in the construction stages of a new national network for standard gauge speed-train services, with the new rail line segment, from Abuja to Kaduna, successfully completed. In addition, we have initiated the process for the construction of an ultramodern coastal rail line that will run from Lagos to Calabar, with a link to Onitsha.

33.        We have also successfully completed the dredging of River Niger, from Warri in Delta State to Baro in Niger State, and completed construction works for the Onitsha River Port. Other River Ports at Baro, Lokoja and Oguta, are at advanced construction stages. Working with the states and development partners, we have facilitated the process towards the development of two new deep sea ports at Lekki in Lagos, and Ibaka in Akwa Ibom. We have also implemented reforms to streamline the clearing regime in existing ports, increasing cargo turnover time and easing business for all users.

34.         In the oil and gas sector, our local content policy has continued to empower Nigerian companies, particularly in technical and engineering projects. The Gas Revolution Industrial Park in Delta State is unprecedented in the sub
​-​ sector, and will not only deliver Africa’s biggest industrial park, but all the accompanying benefits to local industry and job creation.

35.        We recognized Human Capital as the most important agent for transformational development. Our reforms in this sector focused on Health, Education and Social Development and also on Women and Youth Empowerment and Social Safety Nets.

36.       In the Health sector, the comprehensive National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP) of 2011 laid the foundation for widening access and improving the quality of healthcare with lower infant mortality rates and higher life expectancy for the populace.  Our effective curtailment of the Ebola epidemic has continued to receive worldwide acclaim as an example in prompt and effective national disease management. On our watch, guinea-worm has been eradicated from Nigeria and we are on the verge of wiping out polio entirely.

37.          In the Education sector, our objectives are clear and precise. They emphasise expansion of access and the upgrade of quality. I am proud that we have widened access by establishing 18 more Federal Universities and other specialized polytechnics. We strengthened TETFUND and used it to boldly address the problems of inadequate infrastructure in the existing institutions.

38.         I am particularly proud of our efforts with regards to Early Childhood Education and Out-of-School Children. We provided modern hybrid Almajiri Education Programme in the North, attended to schooling needs of boys in the South-East and ensured the construction of special girls’ schools in 13 States of the Federation to improve girl-child education. We expanded opportunities for open and distance learning and provided scholarships at all levels to help improve access to quality education for bright and promising Nigerians.

39.         We have promoted gender-mainstreaming with commensurate priority and opportunities for our womenfolk, beginning with ensuring that not less than 30 per cent of key Federal appointments go to women. Other initiatives that we have taken include: the National Gender Policy, Establishment of Gender Units in Federal MDAs, Women Empowerment Training Programmes, Micro-Credit for Women, Social Safety Net Programmes and the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Scheme.
40.         My Administration has emphasized giving a free hand to our Anti-corruption agencies such as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC). We preferred that they mature into strong institutions instead of being the images, the hammer and the anvil of a strong man. We must encourage them to abide by the rule of law and due process instead of resorting to dramatic or illegal actions orchestrated for cheap applause
41.           Beyond the very impressive records of enhanced convictions by statutory anti-corruption agencies like the EFCC and ICPC, our other strategy has been to fashion economic policies that deliver higher deterrence and frustrate concealment. In this regard, the Bureau of Public Procurement has played a central role and impacted strongly on the fight against corruption.

42.         In Sports, we have improved our national performance in team and individual events. The disappointment of not qualifying to defend our African Football Championship was cushioned by a decent FIFA World Cup appearance, an Under-17 World Cup win in addition to other victories in other international football tournaments and the Paralympics. We have also encouraged excellence in other sports, apart from football, resulting in exceptional performance in international sporting events, especially in athletics.

43.         Our foreign policy position remains strong. In October 2013, Nigeria was elected as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the second time on our watch. Our country had only served in that capacity thrice before 2011, since independence in 1960. Our Administration also played a leading role in the resolution of security and political challenges in our sub-region, particularly in Niger, Cote D’Ivoire, Mali, Guinea-Bissau and Burkina Faso.

44.         In addition, we increased engagement with Nigerians in the diaspora who contribute so much in remittances to their fatherland. Our Administration successfully encouraged more of them to invest in Nigeria and others to return home and join in the task of nation-building.

45.          In summary, Your Excellency, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, our administration has done its best to intervene robustly and impact positively on key aspects of our national life.

46.         There is no doubt that challenges still abound, but they are surmountable and overwhelming national transformation remains realisable, with continuity, commitment and consistency.

47.          Nigeria is blessed with citizens that will always remain faithful, firmly committed to national unity, accelerated political, social and economic development.

48.         As we hand over the reins of government, I believe that our nation is secure, our democracy is stable, and the future is bright. Let us all work together, and with greater resolve, continue to build a stronger and more prosperous nation.

49.         May God Almighty continue to bless our dear country, Nigeria.

50.         I thank you all.

Rivers state Governor, Rotimi Amaechi says the governor elect of his state, Nyesom Wike cannot accuse him of being corrupt and wanting to probe him because according to him "a thief cannot call me corrupt". Wike had on Monday said in a press release that he will be probing Governor Ameachi once he assumes power as Governor on Friday May 29th.

Speaking yesterday May 26th at a public lecture at the Dr. Obi Wali International Convention Centre as part of the activities to mark his 50th birthday which is today May 27th, Gov Amaechi said he had being listening to Wike who should not forget was once his Chief of staff and that if he had no other records at all, he has the records of Wike while he served as his COS.

Governor Amaechi in his speech said he had never killed anyone and will never kill anyone for whatever reason.
"I have been listening to Mr. Nyesom Wike and I have been trying not to reply him. He has been accusing me of corruption and I have been trying to keep quiet over the issue of corruption. A thief cannot call me corrupt. The first lesson he needs to learn is that he was Chief of Staff to my government. If I have no records, I have records on him. One way we succeeded in moving this state forward was that we refused to probe Dr. Peter Odili’s government, despite the pressure on me to probe Dr. Odili’s government, because at the end of the day, they will not ask me the number of persons I probed, but what I did while in government.

This convention centre (built by his government) is one of the testimonies. If we had gone to the Obi Wali Cultural Centre (in Mile One, Diobu, Port Harcourt, now taken over by Sliverbird Cinema), the hall would have looked very full. This hall accommodates 2,200 persons. The convention centre is very big. On top of the roof is a plenty space for big parties, for those who want to organise ‘Owambe’ and there are many conference/committee rooms in the hall. “The road to Nyesom Wike’s father’s house was built by me.

A relation of mine was killed in front of Wike’s father’s house, during the 2015 general elections. I am a Christian. I have never killed anybody and I will never kill anybody. Instead of killing somebody, I will give up my ambition. Anybody’s life is greater than any ambition I will have on earth. Nigerians need to be honest and transparent. I recently had a conversation with my first son on the phone and he said he was proud of me, because they cannot write the history of Nigeria, and the transition from one civilian government to another, without including me.

I laughed and my son said everybody knew the role I played, the struggle and the fact that my family was torn into different parts and my children could not see me, but that they are proud to have a father like me. That, for me, is my greatest achievement. God did not put me to shame. I will be leaving office as Rivers Governor very proud. President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife (Dame Patience); Nyesom Wike; soldiers and police could not remove me from office. When I pray, in front of me all the time is God. That is why I am always victorious. If you want to fight me, you must first defeat God, which is impossible. Nobody can overcome God. I have won already.”he said

President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari who is currently in the UK on a private visit, will be returning to Nigeria tomorrow May 28th ahead of his inauguration as President on Friday May 29th.

According to Thisday, Buhari will arrive Nigeria on-board a British Airways flight scheduled to land at about 4am tomorrow in Nigeria. He'll arrive in company of former President Shehu Shagari who is currently in the UK on a private visit as well.

Buhari overthrew Shagari who is Nigeria's first Democratically elected President, in 1983. During his six day visit to the UK, Buhari met with UK Prime Minister David Cameron where both men felicitated with each other on their victories at the poll.

The new Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, says Nigerians should stop bribing policemen and instead report them if they ask for bribe. He made the statement yesterday when asked during a press briefing in Abuja if bail in Nigeria was free or not...

"We have a zero tolerance for payment of money to free suspect. I am appealing to members of the public, not to corrupt my men; It takes two to tango. If they ask you for bribe and you refuse to give, and you have avenues where your grievances can be ventilated, I do not see any reason why you should give them bribe. The Commissioner of Police is there; the Area Commander is there; the DPO is there; and the technical platform (to report corrupt policemen) is there. We have opened ourselves to public accountability. So, you cannot now say the whole problem should be blamed on the police force’’ he said.


29 year old Lady Gaga gave her fans more than what they bargained for on Monday night when she performed braless at the Vancouver Jazz Festival, alongside legendary singer, Tony Bennett.

She took to the stage wearing a red halter-neck gown which had polka dots running throughout and showed off her curves. Wrapping a red feathered jacket around herself as she sang her hit songs.

She wore very descriptive eye make-up and wore her platinum blonde hair up in a magnificent  chignon.

She appeared to enjoy a whisky mid-song during the performance, telling a story about dive bars before saluting the crowd with a stiff drink.

The Federal Government has declared Friday 29th May, 2015 as Public Holiday to celebrate the 2015 Democracy Day.

The Minister of Interior, Abba Moro made the declaration on behalf of the Federal Government.

A statement signed by the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Abubakar Magaji, urged Nigerians at home and the Diaspora to support the incoming government and pray for the success of Nigeria’s democratic process.

Moro congratulated President Goodluck Jonathan and Nigerians for the successful conduct of the 2015 general elections.

The Minister also congratulated the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari on his electoral victory.

He wished his administration good luck.

The Federal government has released N5billion for the purchase of stoves for rural women across the country, under the National Clean Cooking Scheme, a programme launched by FG to discourage the use of Firewood for cooking.

Announcing the release of the funds, Minister of Environment, Laurientia Mallam, speaking during an inspection visit to the Velodrome at the National Stadium, Abuja, where some of the 750,000 stoves were being assembled, said the stoves will be distributed through the various Ministries of Environment.

According to The Nation, she said the contractor, Messrs Integra Renewable Energy Services Limited has been given N1.3 billion from the N5 billion released by the Federal Government for the purchase of the stoves. President Jonathan is to inaugurate the programme today.

“We started in the northern parts of the country because of the challenges we are facing there with the desert encroaching into the country and people still cut down trees. Now, the President wants it to spread throughout the country and so we have this project. The ministry has received N5 billion so far. You know when N9.2 billion was approved by the Federal Government last year, we told Nigerians that N9.2 billion has been approved by the Federal Government. But so far, N5 billion has been released to the ministry. We have given the contractor 15 per cent, which is N1.3 billion. That is what we have released to the contractor and we still have N3.7 billion in the ministry’s account.”she said

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, who has had various controversies trailing her because of her age has finally revealed her real age and why she lied about it when was joining the movie industry.

The actress has said she will just be clocking 30 on Friday, June 12, 2015, as against the speculation within and outside the industry that the Nollywood star is either 33 or 35. Read excerpts below:

Your birthday is Friday, June 12. What preparations do you have on ground in respect of that?

I don’t understand if there should be any preparations on that, please (laughs).  I am only planning to spend it with you guys.  So, get ready.  It’s going to be a birthday with the press. Nothing elaborate at all.  It’s going to be an avenue for media interaction where everybody will be free to ask me any question about my life and career, be it positive or negative.  No holds barred.

What age exactly will you be celebrating?

I will be 30 on June 12, 2015.

But that’s incredible because a lot of people believe you’re more than that.  Some even said you’re 35.  How come you now say you’re just 30?

When you say the truth, people argue.  When you lie, they also argue.  But I have said the truth, and I really don’t know what to do again.  But when I came into Nollywood, I had to lie just to fit in because it’s an era of aunty, aunty.  And I was in JSS II then.  So, if people still can’t believe that I lied then just to fit in, that means they need a reality check.  I am proud of my age.

Are you serious?

But that’s the truth about my age.  Or are you the one who issued me a birth certificate?  I am 30 and I am proud of it.

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church, who has made waves of connections reaching out to disaffected Catholics and insisting on making the poor a top priority, hasn't watched TV since July 15, 1990, he revealed in an interview published in the Argentinian newspaper La Voz del Pueblo.

The pontiff did not reveal why he gave up watching TV, except to say he decided it wasn't for him, before promising the Virgin Mary he wouldn't watch again.

That promise has kept him from watching his favorite soccer team, Buenos Aires-based San Lorenzo, but he told the paper a member of his Swiss Guard tells him the scores and keeps him up to date on the standings.
Pope Francis said he really misses the tranquility of just walking the streets.
The Pope concluded that he would like to be remembered as a "good guy" who tried to do good".

In a statement distributed to various media houses and signed by the NANS president, Tijani Usman, the body advised Zuma not to bother coming to the ceremony. They said his visit would be an insult to the people of Nigeria over his poor handling of the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa, including Nigerians.

Excerpts from the statement read, “We wish to advise the South African President (Jacob Zuma) to rather stay at home and address burning issues, rather than embarking on a visit that is the least desirable.

“The South African President’s failure to apologise to Nigeria for the losses the country and our citizens incurred during the xenophobic attacks on foreigners leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. There is therefore, no point felicitating with a people who clearly do not matter much to you. President Zuma’s visit will only amount to pretence”.

The students body also threatened to lay siege to Zuma at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, if he goes ahead to come to Nigeria after their warning.

They also promised that they will destroy South African investments in the country if there are further reports of attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa.

Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, yesterday indicted the outgoing Jonathan administration, blaming it over the poor performance of the agency.

Speaking through the commission’s spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, the EFCC boss, blamed its inability to tackle corruption on inadequate funding from the outgoing government.

According to Uwujaren, “we are happy that the incoming government is making the fight against corruption one of its cardinal objectives. Every Nigerian is happy about that. EFCC has been doing this for more than 11 years. We are proud of what the incoming administration wants to do.

“We need an administration that will look at what we are doing and empower us sufficiently to enable us make more impact than we have ever done in the past. We welcome the focus and we believe Nigeria needs to tackle this fight more rigorously for us to make the needed impact.”

Uwujaren proudly listed series of achievements recorded by the agency in over 10 years of its existence, claiming significant progress had been made in the prosecution of former governors.

He said assets that belonged to some of ex-governors had been seized, while money running into billions of dollars had been recovered on behalf of the Nigerian government.

“It is important to recall some of the milestones achieved by the commission in the investigation, prosecution and recovery of assets of politically exposed persons, including ex-governors,” Uwujaren noted.

He denied rumours that the EFCC was involvedin corruption in regards to seized assets and frozen accounts of suspects.

Source: SUN NEWS

Williams and Patty King - along with sisters Rita Washington and Barbara King Winfree, and brother Willie King - first raised suspicions last week during a viewing of King's body.

A week before King's death, a judge in Las Vegas dismissed a request from Williams to take over as King's guardian.

An April 29 petition alleged that Toney had blocked King's friends from visiting him and had put her family members on King's payroll. It also alleged that large sums of money had disappeared from King's bank accounts.

On Thursday they said that they didn't think their father looked like himself. Their father reportedly died from several stroked caused by his diabetes.

Williams and Patty King accused Toney of keeping them from seeing their father for a week after he died May 14 at home at age 89 and of preventing them from taking photos of him in his casket.

'A picture paints 1,000 words,' Patty King said as she showed cellphone images of the same family group with their father at his birthday in September. 'He loved his children.' The five family members refer to themselves as a family board.

Three doctors determined that King was appropriately cared-for, and King received 24-hour care and monitoring by medical professionals "up until the time that he peacefully passed away in his sleep," Toney's attorney Brent Bryson said on Monday.

"He did not want invasive medical procedures," he said. "He made the decision to return home for hospice care instead of staying in a hospital. These unfounded allegations have caused Mr. King to undergo an autopsy, which is exactly what he didn't want."
B.B. King is survived by 11 of his 15 children.

Toney said she's doing what B.B. King said he wanted.
'They want to do what they want to do, which is take over, I guess, but that wasn't Mr. King's wishes. Mr. King would be appalled.'

 B.B. King's will, dated Jan. 18, 2007, and filed Wednesday under his birth name, Riley B. King, appoints Toney as sole executor of his affairs. Another daughter, Riletta Williams, was second in line, but she died last September.

Toney is banning the media and photographs of any kind during the public viewing from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Palm Mortuary on South Jones Boulevard.

Funeral director Matt Phillips said viewers will be able to file past the open casket and security officials will prevent photos. The media won't be allowed inside.

Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said on Monday that an autopsy was performed on King's embalmed body on Sunday, and that the test results will take up to eight weeks.
B.B. King will be buried on May 30 at the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center in Indianola.

Source: AP

FAAN staff this morning protested over the beating of their colleague by an Air Force official last week(Read Here). The man, who is still in hospital, was beaten to a coma at Murtala Muhammed International Airport. FAAN staff asked the government to sack the Airforce Commandant and also asked for the Air Force officials to leave the Airport.
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