(Story & Pics) My Encounter With A Trigger Happy Policeman Today

Linda Ikeji

An LIB reader shared this with her and we thought we should share with GL readers too since we are all #shaaring :)

Read story below;

The usual hustle and bustle of Lagos was the order of the day as i boarded Ikeja bus from igando area of Lagos state this morning. Unknown to me our bus driver was a police officer who disguised by putting on a mufti. As we approached abule-odu area along Idimu road, the bus i was in clashed with a private car and there was a little dent as you would expect, our driver didn’t wait but the private car owner started looking for ways to manipulate so we pleaded with our driver to wait to avoid loss of life.(it’s better resolving the issue rather than losing lives) Immediately our driver stopped, the driver of the private car came down with a gun and started harassing our driver who immediately identified himself as a police officer also.

This i guess didn’t go down well with the other person who said (because you are an officer didn’t mean you have the right to damage my car) . A fight broke out and we the passengers had to plead with the private car owner holding the gun to calm down but all to noo avail. The next thing i noticed was a sharp pain on my laps followed by the bang of yet another gun shot.

The armed police man had just fired a shot at our driver who luckily dodged the bullet and i have been hit by the ricochet bullet after it hit my front. Everybody had to run for their dear lives but the pain i felt was so much i couldn’t. Obviously i was alive and was just scratch by the ricocheting bullet.

The bang of the gun attracted other police men who were attached to the Idimu police station who came and saw that the car owner was their superior and they melted out lots of beating to the other police on mufti. Few minutes later we noticed the whole anger and shouting subsided and they were in a haste to leave as our driver properly identified himself.

They all left leaving their superior and our driver. Obviously something must have happened and we later got to know that our driver was a superior officer attached to the Alausa station in Ikeja but not until he has been giving a beating of his life.

My only joy is that if the bullet had done more damage to my legs or hit me somewhere else that was fatal. They simply would have just walked away as they did.

This our policemen really need to be checked in psychiatrist hospitals before been handed guns.


"No be me talk the above last statement o" LOL

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