Hey Guys, I'm not a medical practitioner but i stumble on this information while trying to help a friend and decided to share it with my precious readers. This might not be for you but someone close might benefit from it. It's about exercising your eyes..

Read the lady's post below;

Start with the six muscles holding your eyeballs and controlling their movements. Do circles, 8's, squares, X's, anything you can imagine just to activate and strain these muscles to a comfortable degree. Try to move your eyes past their "limit" i.e look through the top of your skull, your jaw, and your cheeks. Gradually increase the frequency and effort involved, you should never feel uncomfortable doing this. You may however get a bit sore as if you've hit the gym for the first time in years. Just let the soreness pass and then go at it again, just like you would with your other muscles.

This alone may cause your eyesight to fluctuate and produce clear flashes of perfect clarity. It won't last though unless you keep at it!

Once you've strengthened these muscles for maybe a week or so, it's time to start incorporating exercises of the muscles attached to your lenses. Find the furthest (or nearest depending on your ailment) spot that you can focus on. Then find a comfortable spot nearer/further away from it. Simply switch your focus back and forth 20-30 times, keeping it in place for 5 seconds every time before switching back. As your lens muscles get a nice pump going, you'll gradually be able to increase the distance between these two points without straining to see. It will take time! But it's so worth it in the end!

Other than these exercises, it is important to begin breathing properly and learning to truly relax the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and face. All of this influences your eyesight more than you'd think. Our eyes are still a part of our body and will be affected just like anything else when something's not right.
Seeing is not all in the eyes, it's a lot in our heads too. With the mindset that you're going to be stuck with contacts or glasses for the rest of your life, chances are you're right.

I'm not asking you to believe me at first hand, but I do hope you'll give it a try. I'm not trying to sell anything at all here, I'm not giving you just a small piece of my "secret method". That's all there's to it for me, and it's making a difference. I've confirmed it numerous times with license number plates on passing cars with the help of my friends, at distances that I shouldn't be able to read them with my myopia. Without squinting, without straining.

And don't forget to just allow your eyes to be the way they are sometimes. They will most likely continue to fluctuate back and forth for a while afterwards. Don't stress it, and keep training.

You deserve your eyesight - reclaim it! Best of luck! END

WOW...That's it guys, if i were you, i'd work on this since am not going to spend a penny doing it #personalopinion

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