Me And My Step Dad Made Love - Advice

Me And My Step Dad Made Love - Advice

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This is a publication from Vanguard about a fellow Nigerian asking for advice after she had s*x with her step father and we have Bunmi giving her own opinion but we would like our readers to have their own say on this and advice Augusta or if you were in Augusta's shoe, What will you do?

Both Letters reads as follows; 

Dear Bunmi,

I AM an undergraduate in one of the universities and I’ve recently done something really terrible. My mum was a single mother of two for years until she got married to a nice widower last year. The man has just completed his house, so we all moved in with him along with the three children from his first marriage. We had the house-warming party around Christmas and we all had too much to drink. In the night my step dad came over and we made love.
My head cleared in the morning and I’ve felt horribly guilty ever since. My step dad now carries on as if nothing happened but I feel really guilty and don’t know what to do. I don’t want mum to know what happened, yet she needs to be aware of the type of maniac she is married to. Please help.
By e-mail.

Dear Augusta,

This is definitely a tricky situation. Your mum will definitely be hurt if you tell her what has happened. In fact, she may be so bent on defending her new found happiness she might choose to trust her new husband and not you. Your best bet is to have a heart to heart chat with your step dad. Tell him how much you love your mum and how you’ve both betrayed her trust by sleeping together. Then let him realize you’re willing to put the ugly incident behind you if he promises it won’t happen again.
Sadly, what you’ve just experienced is not new though that doesn’t make it right. If this man breaks his promise and tries again, then you’ll have no option than to tell your mum or confide in a trusted member of the family who can effectively intervene.

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Augusta baby, you better be silent forever or you put your mama and yourself for trouble..Gbam!

After enjoyment you want to tell? You are done be then!

What has happened is a very dicey situations. and drastic situation demands drastic solution. when things like this happen, since the girl is a university student, I my cogent advise for her is that she should try and toast her mother to buy hostel for her in school. telling her that she will need to study well and attend tutorial and that the current courses she's doing are very tough so, she will need more than enough time to study. She can best convince her mother by telling her that coming home after lectures will be stressful and can hinder her from studying well.

Telling her mother about the whole thing is like fueling the furnace of fire because, it is either her mother will not believe the whole story to be truth or it mar the relationship between her mother and the husband.

and not telling the mother can create another chaos because the step father can implicate her with another offense entirely.

She can also help herself by not staying alone in her room. Better still, she should be staying in one of he siblings room claiming to be engaged in some activities or she is autophobia in nature my cogent advise is to just stay away from that house and ensure that whenever she is coming home, others will also be present at home.


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